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January Update




Employee Reviews: More Engagement, Less Uncertainty

Employee engagement and management issues, we have found a common trend in those dealing with disgruntled staff members and a lack of connection between management and employees.  This trend relates to a lack of annual employee reviews!  Employees state they desire a rundown of how they have been performing and want to know what their managers deem their weaknesses so they can focus on improvement.  Managers on the other hand, feel they “know” the issues taking place within the staff and may not be taking the time to communicate individually to find the true sources of the issues at hand. 

For managers, employee reviews allow for one-on-one conversations which can strengthen relationships and build connections.  Over time, an increase in productivity will be seen after constructive criticism is given and goals are set with employees.  Managers can also learn how to improve their own leadership and improve the work environment through the feedback of those they manage.

Employees will also benefit from the time taken for annual reviews.  Engagement with the organization will increase as they feel their worth is acknowledged through bonuses, promotions and additional perks.  They will also have the opportunity to form relationships with those leading them and feel they have a say in the betterment of their organization.  Receiving constructive feedback from managers can allow for employees to develop their skills and work toward improving upon their weaknesses.

Overall, employee performance reviews can aide in decreasing tension within the organization, improving the engagement of employees and strengthening relationships and communication between staff members and management.  Employees will begin to realize their actions are noted and their management team cares about their well being and performance.  Those working for the organization will begin to feel as though the company is willing to invest in their work and take the time to work alongside them to better their skills.  Organizations where employees are more engaged in their work see a resounding upswing in customer satisfaction and thus, increased revenue.

Ensure your staff members feel they are a vital part of the team, know they can communicate freely with upper management and are recognized for their strengths.  Over time, the organization will begin to work better as a team and reap the benefits of providing a memorable healthcare experience.

emergehr3.gif December's Highlights:

December was a great month to slow down the pace and get out and see those around the Kansas City area we enjoy so much!  The Holidays never disappoint when it comes to great get-togethers and networking opportunities.  The KC healthcare community is ever growing and evolving, so we love the chance to get out and meet those new to the field… along with those we have known for years!  As always, we can’t keep our feet on the ground to long; we are looking forward to getting back out on the road in January and seeing what the New Year holds!  We hope you all had a fabulous holiday season and enjoy a prosperous 2014!


Put it into Practice!

New years are always interesting because we get to see everyone’s predictions for the year ahead!  Social media is no exception; it seems everyone had time to put together their thoughts on what will happen next.  One of our favorites came from Entrepreneur.com… here are the five predictions they have for 2014!

  • A shift toward visual storytelling through short-form video
  • Businesses will embrace the “fandom” aspect of consumers
  • Google+ will continue to grow and gain popularity
  • There will be a bigger focus on context and meaningful content
  • More businesses will embrace paid advertising

Will your organization be taking part in these predictions?  Are these aspects of interest to you?  These are all great pieces of social media and opportunities to take advantage of.  We look forward to seeing how businesses, especially healthcare organziations, will further implement video and paid advertising.   With an increasing number of businesses engaging in the social space, context will be important as consumers have a variety of choices when it comes to following a business online.  Whether you agree with these predictions or not, embrace the social media channels available to you and grow your organization’s online presence!



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