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February Update




Social Media Usage Continues to Grow

There are roughly 1 million apps available to consumers on their smartphones and tablets today.  Out of all of these options to choose from, Facebook ranked number one in 2013 as the most-used smartphone application.  With smartphone usage in American near 65% and 30% of Americans carrying a tablet with them daily, online is becoming a more widely accepted space.

With this increased use of mobile apps and the convenience of online search at our fingertips, the depth of healthcare applications continues to evolve as well.  Toward the end of 2013, nearly 16,300 applications relating to healthcare were readily available to consumers for download. 

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the increasing number of online capabilities and mobile applications is the resulting effect these options have.  Patients are continuously downloading applications relating to “diet”, “fitness” and “health”, thus taking a greater interest in their own well-being.  As medical costs continue to rise, consumers are opting to avoid the doctor’s office in an attempt to save money.  What many of these mobile applications can provide our patients are an option for managing their health for the better.  Apps relating to diabetes management, weight loss assistance and medication reminders are available to keep patients on track and aid them in reaching their goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

While we are still in the development stages of online health information and mobile applications, many patients and physicians are taking a greater interest in the possibilities and getting involved.  The opportunities available are without question endless. 

Is your organization doing something unique online or creating a notable relationship with patients through the use of mobile applications?  Let us know on Twitter at @emergemd; we would love to hear what you have come up with!

emergehr3.gif January's Highlights:

We hope your 2014 is off to a great start!  We have been fortunate to start the year off with some warm destination conferences.  From Fort Myers, Florida for the NSCHCBC Workshop to San Francisco for the HiTech Securities Symposium and back to Los Angeles for the Health Leaders Tech Summit.   Hard to believe January is already ending, time seems to fly by more quickly with each passing year.  We are looking forward to a busy year and many new opportunities.  While the holidays were a great time to take a break and slow down, we are recharged and ready to go full speed ahead!  See you out there!


Put it into Practice!

Five letters that can bring about so many emotions… HIPAA.  As healthcare professionals we are all tied to these letters in one way or another.  While there is much to know, it can be difficult to stay up to speed and maintain a constant watch on updated regulations.  Here are some great reference points to help keep up to date and compliant.


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