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April Update


Improving Your Hiring Process: Focus on Important Factors First

Employees are the face of our practice’s and organizations; be it those at the front desk, nurses interacting with patients or billing specialist handling customer complaints.  Finding personalities and traits that fit the needs of the job can make the difference between a great hire and wasted money.  Knowing what to look for in your initial interviewing process can alleviate unnecessary stress down the road when a bad hire begins to show their true colors.  Here are three helpful tips to focus on during the interview process leading to more valuable, successful hires.

1.)    Ensure A Fit Within the Company Culture

When interviewing, it is important to place our attention on the candidates overall personality and not just simply a shiny resume.  Ensuring a new hire will fit into the company culture and work well with others can be the difference between a great hire and a fire waiting to be put out.  Many times, assessments can provide valuable information regarding a candidate’s true traits and personal tendencies.  Also, shadowing other staff members previous to hiring can be a great way to see how an interviewee will interact with current staff members throughout their time with the practice. 

2.)    Make Potential Workers Do More Than Just Click Apply

To eliminate candidates that may not possess a serious interest and those not willing to place time and effort into their job search, having a more robust hiring process can be incredibly beneficial.  Adding additional links to your organization’s social media or allowing direct email contact with applicants can allow for those more interested to take the time to get to know your company rather than just having the sole option to upload a resume and click apply. 

In your initial job postings, ask applicants to include answers to unique questions you know are important to your organization.  This can be a great way to filter through applicants by again focusing on personality and answers given to meaningful questions. 

3.)    Clearly Explain the Role Applicants Are Applying For

When positions are not clearly explained to applicants prior to the interview process time can be wasted with meaningless interviews of improper, unqualified candidates.  Be certain you are explaining specific tasks performed daily and how the position works with others in the organization as well as where the role fits structurally within the practice.  Creating a list of “must haves” is also a great way to save time in the interview process and eliminate candidates that will not have the necessary background to succeed in the role. 

emergehr3.gif March's Highlights:

This month we were able to work on a variety of topics ranging from customer service training in Arizona, to hiring practices in Kansas City and social media for practice administrators in Kentucky.  We are reminded of the importance of these topics as we come in contact with them on a daily basis; entering a store and receiving a lack of friendly service, encountering a staff member at the front desk of an office that clearly lacks the desire to communicate with customers and even managers incapable of providing solutions to service shortcomings.  Continuing to touch on customer service and discussing hiring practices with owners and leaders has become a true passion for us and we look forward to sharing this information with others!


Put it into Practice!

Recent research has shown there is one aspect that seems to be present in roughly 90% of top performers lives.  This aspect, stress, can deteriorate physical and emotional health.  However, those that learn to embrace stress and work to handle it appropriately end up further differentiating themselves from the crowd. 

Here are some helpful tips for managing stress and learning to use it to your advantage…

Avoid Worry:  Strive to focus on the “here and now” rather than adding anxiety through worrying about the future and upcoming events. 

Breathe:  Focusing on this simple aspect of your life can lead to proven therapeutic stress management. 

Stay Positive:  Easier said than done, yes? Top performers consistently have the ability to stay positive throughout stressful situations.  Shift your thinking away from the negative and hone in on happier thoughts; tomorrow is another day and another chance to further your success.

Wind Down and Get Rest:  Taking a break from technology and allowing yourself to disconnect can ensure we give ourselves enough time to relax and refocus.  Also, getting good quality sleep can allow the body and mind to reset and recover allowing you to wake refreshed and positive.


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