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 November Update




What It Takes To Lead The Way...

Management can refer to a variety of positions throughout an organization and take on a different meaning for each role.  However, when it comes to managing, there are specific behaviors necessary to success.  Whether currently looking for management advice or attempting to find ways to measure the performance of others in leadership roles, these tips can help create better managers and more successful and productive teams.

Walk the Walk:

Setting expectations and counting on compliance can be beneficial in creating an environment of excellent process flow; however, expecting staff to follow obediently when they see leadership blatantly bypassing policies and protocol can be dangerous.  By setting an example and showing staff as a leader, you are not above the rules of the office, can lead to more compliance and a greater level of buy-in. 

Remain Solutions-Oriented:

Exceptional leaders are able to maintain a sense of composure during turmoil.  Staff members tend to look to management for advice and general information on difficult situations.  Leaders without the ability to remain calm may blow up and create more stress throughout the office, as well as lose the confidence of those around them.  View problems from the perspective of the staff members bringing them to you and work to resolve issues strategically, thus becoming a source of steadiness and results.

Know Team Members Strengths:

Recognizing and determining each of your team members’ strengths and weakness can lead to more effective utilization. While noting weaknesses, focus on strengths with individuals and work to place them in a role allowing them to flourish.  The more content your team members are with their role in the organization, the more loyal they will become.

Celebrate Success, Don’t Let it Simply Pass By:

While some of your team members may simply be motivated by monetary compensation, the majority will thrive from praise and reward.  When the team, or an individual, has a win situation, be sure to acknowledge their success and celebrate the hard work put forth!  Recognition can go a long way when it comes to preserving the leader/team relationship; let those you manage know when they are doing a great job.

Get a Mentor:

Managing can be a difficult task full of learning experiences.  Many times, those placed in these positions never intended to hold such roles, but demonstrated something a current leader saw relevant and were immediately given increase responsibility.  Often, the best way to learn is to find someone else that has been placed in a similar situation and found success.  Gathering advice, suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism can lead to continued improvement.

emergehr3.gif  October's Highlights:

October was full of meaningful travel; from National Conferences to more localized trainings, we were able to interact with a variety of colleagues in various roles and specialties.  This year’s MGMA National Conference in San Diego was a great experience full of educational speakers and networking opportunities.  We were delighted to participate in the first ever Tweet Street and assist with teaching social media strategy and the basic how to’s of getting started! While the Midwest AAOE event in Kansas City took place on a cold and rainy evening, we were able to have warm, lively conversation!  Also, we were delighted to travel down to sunny Florida for an educational event focused on customer service and improving the patient experience. 

Overall a great month from coast to coast!


Put it into Practice!

As the make up of America’s workforce continues to evolve, we see baby boomers making their exit and Millennials entering the pool.  As a leader it is important to recognize the differences in these generations and transform strategies to better engage younger workers.  So what is necessary to know about Millennials?

  • Self confident, highly motivated and energetic
  • Seek challenges, but place importance on work/life balance
  • Value social interaction and the ability to communicate with others quickly
  • Want timely information regarding feedback about their performance
  • Desire to work for an organization with a prominent, respectable reputation.
Information used from: http://iveybusinessjournal.com/topics/the-workplace/the-millennials-a-new-generation-of-employees-a-new-set-of-engagement-policies#.Unf_KOKRKqE


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