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December Update




Are Your Customers Loyal to You?

Consider the brands and businesses you would consider yourself loyal to; those frequented with little to no decision making process involved.  Customer service is truly the key to obtaining and holding onto consumers and increasing revenue.  Often, employees focus too heavily on their roles in which they reside and forget to prioritize consumers over daily to-dos.  When this shift occurs, employees can become less engaged, less productive and more likely to deliver a poor customer experience.

So, where do loyal customers come from; how do we take walk in patients and turn them into devoted consumers and walking referrals? While there are several ways to carry out a memorable customer experience, here are three simple ways to ensure patients leave your practice fulfilled.

1.)    Really get to know your customers!

Patients can tell when you care and truly have their best interest in mind.  A staff member displaying a closed off demeanor will portray a feeling of disinterest and lower the bar for the experience as a whole.  Taking time to empathize with patients and make them feel important can be exponentially effective in creating loyal customers.  To achieve this, be certain staff members at all levels are taking time to understand what patients want out of their healthcare experience and respond in a way that will meet or exceed their expectations.  Creating personal connections, rather than conveying the cold feeling of a question and answer session will keep patients coming back and referring those around them.

2.)    Train your employees!

While many believe customer service is all about being nice, there is truly much more to creating a great patient experience.  Customer service does not come naturally to all employees and can require additional training to enhance the ability to provide memorable service.  Take time to not only work with your employees to bring about change for the better, but dig deeper and inquire about what they feel is necessary to become a superior organization.  Obtaining employee feedback can lead to further conversation and increase the engagement and buy-in of your staff members.

3.)    Get your customers involved!

As a whole, a great customer experience is based on our patients.  Knowing this, what better way to enhance our level of service than to ask those we serve directly?  Giving patients a voice is one of the best ways to show we trust their opinion and care about meeting their needs.  This can be easily accomplished by inviting a few patients to participate in a feedback group.  A small, group focused meeting to discuss the needs and wants of current patients can give administrators a better grasp on what areas of improvement require attention.

Customers should trust your organization and rely upon the staff to deliver an exceptional experience with each visit.  Taking the time to hone in on not only excelling at the operational side of the practice, but the connection piece as well can make all the difference between a mediocre healthcare experience and one that truly sets the bar and creates loyal patients.

emergehr3.gif November's Highlights:

Customer service and patient experience set the tone for our November.  We were able to travel, literally from coast to coast, and train on the pieces necessary to create a meaningful customer experience and work to enhance office environments for those we serve.  We also attended our first Next Gen conference in the fabulous Las Vegas, where we were able to connect with many new contacts and learn more about the IT side of healthcare.  Lastly, our final trip of the month took us to Louisville, Kentucky for the MGMA Kentucky fall conference.  The meeting location was stunning and the conversations were rewarding.  All in all, another meaningful month for all of us at (e)Merge!


Put it into Practice!

Are you asking for the referral?

As the holidays approach, we find ourselves focused on loved ones and spreading good cheer.  We often limit customer service efforts to those directly in front of us during our time together and move on to our next patient as the appointment ends.  Be sure during this holiday season, to take the time to thank your patients for their time and for choosing your organization.  Then, go one step further and ask them to consider referring friends and family members to the practice based upon their great experiences.  Often, we expect patients to do so naturally, but simply pointing out this piece and politely asking can bring patients to remember this information at a time of opportunity. 


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