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  September Update



Customers Have Options, Are You Providing Service to Keep Them Around?

A recent survey from Temkin showed the top ranked companies and bottom ranked companies in regards to customer service.  The Temkin Group asked US consumers to rate their customer service interactions and then ranked the businesses according to the results.  While several conclusions can be drawn based upon the results, one interesting point to note are the industries represented in the highest and lowest ranked companies.  For the most part, higher ranked organizations are retailers, grocery chains and banks; while those in the bottom rankings represent technology services (TV and Internet providers).  The main similarities we see between these groupings are the saturation of the market in the respective industries.  Retailers, banks and grocery chains are on every corner… while television and internet providers often maintain a singular hold over the area market with little to no competitors. 

Healthcare tends to fall into the first grouping; consumers usually have a plethora of options when it comes to receiving care.  Are you providing a level of service that will keep these patients loyal?  What does it take to obtain these high rankings in customer satisfaction and how does that relate back to the patient experience?

Are you seeing patients or appreciating patients?

Patients entering your practice have made the choice to see your physicians.  In many cases, there are several competitors in your area offering similar services, but the patient is walking through your doors.  So, our question is are you merely treating them or are you appreciative of their choice to enter your place of business and treating them as a guest?  Be sure to remember how far a simple, “Thank you for choosing [insert practice name]; it was great to see you,” can go with patients.

Remember, employees don’t work for the company… they are the company.

Employees dictate the practice’s reputation.  If they feel mistreated and unappreciated, they are highly unlikely to exude a pleasant demeanor to patients.  A lack of investment in the organization can lead staff members to provide an inferior level of customer service and create a poor reputation in the community for the practice.  Maintaining high levels of respect and teamwork between employees and management can lead to improve customer service and increase revenues from a higher patient load.

Times have changed, along with expectations…

The world moves at a much faster pace than it did twenty years ago.  Consumers are constantly plugged in and have access to information at the click of a button.  Practice’s continuing to work at a pace once acceptable, will now cause frustration and dissatisfaction.  Consumers want access to more information and expect results to be available quickly.  The use of patient portals, e-newsletters, social media and even text message communication are becoming necessary to provide timely service and maintain loyal patients. 

Customer service is an on-going learning opportunity.  Providing a continuous flow of education, training and practice to staff members can assist in keeping your office at the top of your game.  Keeping up with new trends in digital health and improving upon IT systems can increase your chances of satisfied patients and influential word of mouth referrals.




August's Highlights:

weather is hotter than ever, we are bringing this Summer to a close.  With the kids back in school and conference season filling up the calendar we are looking forward to getting back on the road and catching up with healthcare professionals around the country!  Our highlight from August was a quick trip down to Destin, Florida for the annual MGMA Alabama conference.  Having spoken there many times in the past, it is always great to be greeted by familiar faces.  This year proved no differently; a great, productive time was had by all!  Looking forward to a busy Fall and getting out there on the road to meet many more of you!


Put it into Practice!

How to Use YouTube to Improve Your Practice and Physician Reputations

  1. Market your physicians as experts: Including video on a variety of relevant topics can demonstrate to the public the level of knowledge your practice holds and has to offer.
  2. People love putting a face with a name:  Seeing physicians speaking online in a video format let’s patients feel like they are getting to know the physician and create a more personal connection.
  3. Search engines pick up on videos:  Wanting to pull up higher in search listings?  Adding videos to your YouTube page is a great way to control the page listings showing when users search online.
  4. Great content for other channels:  Wondering what to post on your social sites?  Cover several bases at once with recorded video.  Facebook and Twitter users love videos and these often pull up higher in users Timelines. 

Encourage your physicians and staff members to take the time to record a short clip and display their knowledge about a particular subject.  There are numerous benefits that come from sharing what you know online!


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