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 October Update


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We are excited to announce our participation at the MGMA Tweet Street taking place October 6-8 at the MGMA National Conference in San Diego, California.  Be sure to stop by Tweet Street to visit with our own, Jamie Verkamp, and learn about the various ways to implement Twitter and social media!

Mini Sessions on Monday Oct 7:

9:20-9:40 am – Jamie Verkamp - Beginner's Session

10:45-11:00 am – Susan Gay - Reputation Management

3:00-3:15 pm – Jamie Verkamp - Advanced Session

Beginner's Session: The Case for Social Media in Healthcare; Lessons Learned, Challenges Overcome and Successes from One Practice's First Year in Social Media 

Advanced Session: Taking it to the Next Level; Engaging Patients and Differentiating Your Practice through Social Media

Also, if you are on Twitter, be sure to follow all of the conversation at #MGMA13

Being a Great Leader Through the Good Times and Bad

Being a great leader doesn’t mean fitting a specific mold, it means understanding what motivates your team and what they are truly passionate about.  Once you know their values and goals, you can work to provide the proper guidance and direction to keep them on the path to success.  Not everyone is fit to be a leader.  Responsibilities and an obligation to be a source of stability come along with accepting a management/leadership role.  For many placed in these roles, figuring out the best way to lead the team, is simply through the use of trial and error.  There is no playbook or downloadable guide to excelling at leading others; one must work to earn the respect of others. 

Perhaps the most relevant skill a great leader must possess is the ability to adjust to situations, personalities and cultures.  Within an organization, problems are due to arise and in many cases, must be immediately tended to.  During these times of crisis and turbulence, managers must assume the lead and become decision makers.  Assuming the role of the autocrat, one must have the ability to take control and give orders.  Most employees look to someone above them for answers to unknown questions and a leader must show confidence and have that valuable answer ready.  A leader must also know when to delegate to others in an attempt to get everything accomplished.  Know which employees can handle extra responsibility and trust in them to complete the necessary tasks.  Leaders can also set the pace of an office environment.  Putting in only 50% of one’s effort will show other employees this is where the bar is being set and similar behaviors are sure to follow.  Being a great leader means keeping your head in the game and working at the capacity you want to see out of the staff. 

Leading is not only necessary during times of change, but also through down time.  When the culture and atmosphere are in a state of calm, leaders must push forward through the use of democracy, vision and continual coaching.  Maintaining a sense of teamwork and job security can come from taking the time to sit and speak with employees to engage what may need work within the practice.  Sitting still can be some leaders’ worst nightmare, so take the time when everything seems to be moving at a steady pace and plan your next steps.  Vision and innovation, along with positive coaching to press forward are powerful attributes for leaders and managers.  


September's Highlights:

This month was full of travel and opportunities to see many familiar faces while meeting several new ones!  Between our time at the New England AAOE conference (presenting with the wonderful, David Lane) and the MGMA Michigan conference, we were able to share knowledge on social media and creating greater patient referrals.  Getting to spend time in the local healthcare space is always a delight; the GKCMMA group provided a great educational event for us to once again deliver information on healthcare social media.  Finally, at the Alabama Medical Society we continued our conversation about the digital environment and how healthcare has found its place within it. 


Put it into Practice!

We all have examples of customer service experiences we would rank quite under par.  Many times, sharing these stories with staff members, especially those facing patients on a day to day basis, can bring about a greater recognition as to why they should provide an exceptional experience for those entering our offices.  As consumers, we all expect to be treated with respect and graciousness from the businesses we patron.  However, those in customer service roles can forget this expectation and spiral into the realm of poor service.  By reminding staff members of your bad experiences, and letting everyone share theirs as well, we can often bring to light a reminder that a memo or policy may not.


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