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  August Update



Workplace Trends: What’s Taking Over Offices Across the Country

With the number of job seekers entering the market being at an all time high, many businesses are forced to do a little extra to attract and retain top of the line employees.  Additionally, with the economy fighting to recover, companies lack significant funds to offer perks such as pay raises and substantial salaries.  Being faced with these lingering challenges, leaders are forced to take a more innovative approach in creating great places to work that warrant keeping their top employees satisfied and continuing to attract desirable workers.


There is becoming a greater gap in which the "perks of the job" outweigh the monetary compensation package for candidates.  Many people value the added benefits of a position over the lure of more extravagant paycheck.  Added benefits allow employees to stay happier, healthier, and improve their quality and outlook on the work they produce.


Here are some of the hottest trends that businesses across the country are implementing within the workplace to ensure loyal employees.


  • Running Clubs: Running clubs have taken team-building to another level. Coworkers can now come together before /after work to engage in physical activity.  This provides individuals with a supportive environment within the work place. Other helpful benefits come about; such as, a sense of unity, trust and the creation a bond between runners. This benefits as well, organizations will have a healthier office, but they will also have a more cohesive group of employees.  Employees enjoy such programs because they are given a chance to stay in shape, while forming a closer relationship with the people they spend a majority of the business day with.

  • Standing Desks: Sitting is increasingly becoming known as a detriment to health.  Studies continue to show workers desire alternative ways to work so they aren’t forced to sit behind their desk for eight hours at a time. More employees are requesting a standing desk for their office space. A standing desk allows people to sit or stand when they want and their desk to conveniently move with them. This allows your employees to remain healthier and more energetic throughout the day.

  • Flexible Workspaces: Technology is changing daily, and with all the advancements and changes, so has the way people work and do business. With mobile devices, hot spots, and collaboration software taking over, companies can offer more attractive perks to employees by allowing a more flexible workspace. From one day a week, to full time flexible work stations, businesses have quickly discovered that employees are more productive, creative, and stay on task better when they have the freedom to choose where and how they contribute.


They way in which we work is quickly changing and forcing companies across the country to adapt.  Organizations are implementing creative adjustments to hold onto valuable employees and continue to attract the best workers when looking to fill an open position.  Does your practice offer additional perks to keep employees engaged and exciting about coming to work each day?


July's Highlights:

This month gave us time to focus on a large local project and stretch our employee engagement muscles!  The end of the month took us north to Minnesota for the Association for Medical Imaging Management conference where we had a great session with over 500 attendees!  Seeing that many healthcare leaders interested in improving the patient experience and customer service always inspires us to continue creating educational content.  We love seeing the increased interest from leaders focused on improving their organizations through all aspects.


Put it into Practice!

Speaking of customer service, we came upon a great list of customer service initiatives from Sales Force Desk.  In the spirit of increasing our patient satisfaction and improving customer experiences in general, here are a few simple ways to increase customer service skills and engage your patients from start to finish:

  • Offer to provide additional assistance – email or call back.
  • Respond as fast as you can, and if you don’t know the answer, say so.
  • Catch people in your organization doing something right and acknowledge it!
  • Say “Thank you” in your response.
  • Follow up after an issue has been resolved and let the customer know you haven’t forgotten them.


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