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  May Update


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Digital Health Continues to Improve Healthcare

With the field of healthcare in a constant period of innovation and expansion; buzzwords seem to flow in and out of our vocabulary.  Now, one such word making an appearance and causing quite a stir in the healthcare field is the concept of "digital health".  With the rapid pace of growth technology allows, new discoveries and approaches continue to impact the healthcare world and advance the way we do business.

So what is the idea of digital health?  According to digitome, a leader in healthcare technology, digital health is, "the use of technologies and networks by all stakeholders to enhance collaboration and personalization, and to reduce the cost of healthcare.  Current examples of digital health (to name a few) are: remote monitoring services, mobile health devices, mobile health applications, medical robotics, personal health records and ePrescriptions.  All of these services offer a more seamless approach to healthcare and patient care. 

Not only are digital health offerings impressive for the average consumer, but they are also offering solutions to pressing needs.  In a recent article by mobihealthnews, the use of digital health in solving a growing primary care physican shortage is discussed.  With a projected shortage of 65,800 PCPs by 2025 (Association of American Medical Colleges), the use of remote access to PCPs could assist in minimizing the need for physically visiting the doctor, but present the option of a "real-time" appointment online.  This innovation would allow physicians to be wherever their patients around the world need them to be, whenever they are needed. 

The idea of simplifying healthcare is by no means a new concept.  However, with the further integration of technology into the healthcare field... possibilities seem endless.  Digital health has allowed many new ways for patients to feel less tied down to the office and increased ability to take healthcare into their own hands.  With the ability to refill prescriptions online, schedule appointments on handheld devices and text physicians for advice on mobile phones; patients are able to obtain the information they desire at a faster pace with increased convenience. 

While the future of digital health is yet to be seen; there is no limit to where it can take the healthcare field.  Innovation is leading to increased patient care and offering health professionals new options previously unobtainable.  The way we manage and access our personal health information has been forever changed and physicians are now expected to adapt to customers updated desire for communication.  Innovation has only begun and digital health will surely bring more surprises in the years to come!


April's Highlights:

Weren't we just talking about March?!  April kept us quite busy here at (e)Merge... Conference season is definitely upon us and it has been a joy to travel from coast to coast... to coast, to coast and catch up with healthcare's best!  We've had a big focus on customer service this month and have gotten to speak on the topic with several great groups.  It is always interesting to hear the variety of practices groups have in place to improve their customer service initiatives and hear the stories of success as we touch base with groups we have met with before.  Customer service is always evolving and can never be discussed enough.  Patients are what keep our practice's in business and should always be our number one focus!


Put it into Practice!

Hiring can be one of the most stressful parts of a manager's role in an organization.  Bad hires can take time and energy from your staff and reduce employee engagement.  Here are some helpful tips to master the hiring process and retain key employees:

  • Use a structured hiring process that goes beyond resumes and interviews
  • Get an objective understanding of your best people; know what works
  • Develop customized performance models
  • Include supervisors in the process and welcome their opinions
  • Repeat the same process for every hire and every position; find a pattern that works


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

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