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  June Update




Is Social Media Right For Our Practice... Of Course!

With so much of the news we hear in regards to social media relating to embarrassing mistakes made by organizations, we can understand how practice managers would shy away from getting involved.  The truth of the matter is that social media has changed the way business is done and those isolating themselves from the communication platforms will undoubtedly fall behind.  There are a variety of ways social media can be used to improve communication and engagement with your patients.  Those practices having mastered the use of social media are seeing increased patient volumes and in turn, greater revenues.  So, what can your practice do to develop a social media presence?

Give a True Reflection of Your Brand:  Healthcare, and the service industry in general, are unfortunately in a constant state of defense from unsatisfied customers.  Not all consumers will leave your organization with an outstanding experience; we must recognize that there will always be someone with something negative to say about your practice.  However, if you do not have any form of social media or internet presence, a potential customers' only online exposure to your brand may be comments made on review sites, such as vitals.com and healthgrades.com that come from patients, many times making unwarranted negative remarks.

Engage Your Customers: Traditional forms of advertising (TV, Magazine, Newspaper) are great ways to reach your patients, but they perform only as a one-way street for communication.  Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, allow customers to interact with brands and receive real time feedback relating to their needs and questions.

Engage Your Employees:  If encouraged to use your organization’s social media channels, employees can be your best brand ambassadors.  Getting staff members to suggest your page to others and spread the word about the organization’s sites can help increase your followers and bring about new engagement.  Also, in office, staff can work to promote your site to patients throughout the day.

Establish Social Media Policies:  The best way to prevent HIPAA violations in the social media space is to put policies in place that support your organization’s goals and enforce these regulations in a timely manner.  Staff members must recognize the importance of adhering to these guidelines and manager’s must work to communicate these policies on a regular basis to solidify their importance.

There is no doubt that those practice’s embracing social media have seen success, and those leading the way have become known as industry leaders and ambassadors.  Healthcare is an evolving field with much information to share.  Take the step forward and become an educational leader, not only involving your patients, but also those in the medical community.


May's Highlights:

The past month has once again been filled with travel around the country.  While there were many highlights this month, particular enjoyment came from our travel to the Academy of Urology conference in San Diego and the MGMA Missouri conference in our home state!  Several new connections were made during our time in San Diego and a variety of new topics were touched upon by the other speakers at the event.  Of course, we always look forward to the annual MGMA Missouri conference because we get to see so many of our friends in the healthcare industry of Missouri!  Each time we are able to get together with all the familiar faces, a good time is sure to arise; this year proved no different as we were happy to connect with old friends and greet those new to the industry in our home state!


Put it into Practice!

We speak a lot on patient loyalty and what it takes to truly make a customer loyal to your organization.  Here are some brief tips on putting this thought process into action and making those customers that are merely satisfied, truly loyal…

-Really get to know your patients:  Take the time to introduce yourself and be sure your staff knows to do the same; get to know them as a person and not just another patient that walks through the door.

-Train your employees:  While managers may be on a mission to customer service excellence, a minor unpleasant or under par interaction with an unmotivated staff member can bring all your organizations efforts tumbling.  Be sure all employees are well trained and know how important their role is in the patient experience.

-Get your customers involved:  Social media is a great way to involve patients; holding drawings, hosting trivia, or merely asking questions makes customers feel like they have a greater investment in your practice.  Also, be sure to incorporate this idea offline, by holding a drawing in office or inviting your patients to events or speakers held at the office location.  The more your consumers are involved with your office, the more likely they are to refer to others.


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