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  March Update




How Your Organization's Culture Affects Customer Service

We all know when we are in a bad mood it can be hard to express ourselves in a friendly, upbeat nature to those we come in contact with.  In most cases, we appear to be shut off and cold to those approaching us.  We can also be stifled by a negative atmosphere that smothers positive thoughts and an upbeat demeanor.  This is also true for staff members within your organization.

Those that are unsatisfied with their jobs and the work they do are likely to enter the workplace with a negative, closed off attitude, rarely offering friendly gestures.  While this can be detrimental to customer service directly (how this person treats patients); it can also affect the overall culture and environment of your office.

Bad attitudes can easily spread through your organization if not put to a stop.  These feelings can immerse your employees in a vicious cycle of gossip, distrust and overall unhappiness.  So, how do these negative ideals weigh on customer service?  Here are a few great examples of what an in office attitude can convey to patients externally.

Internally: There is a feeling of uncertainty in the workplace

Externally to Customers: Insecurity wears off on patients and employees appear to lack confidence in patient interactions.


Internally: Employees feel over-managed and over-worked

Externally to Customers: Staff members lack accountability and appear disengaged and uninterested to patients.


Internally:  There is an abundance of competition in the workplace.

Externally to Customers: Employees can come across as defensive to patients and adversarial.


Internally:  Little to no job satisfaction.

Externally to Customers:  Patients feel little effort is being placed in their care.


These are just a few examples; on the other hand, patients are able to tell when your staff members enjoy what they are doing and have a passion for helping people.  Customer facing positions in the healthcare field can be difficult to successfully fulfill.  However, finding those that excel in communication with patients and possess the ability to remain positive throughout the day can ensure your patients receive a better patient experience.



February's Highlights:

How have we already been through February 2013?!  This year flying by at a breakneck pace and it is hard to even keep up...!  This month we were able to find time to start some interesting new mystery shopping projects and get started on a few passion projects as well.  Also, we were pleased to participate in the MGMA State Leaders Conference in Denver at the beginning of the month.  It is always great to get together with everyone at the same location and catch up with what is new in the healthcare arena!


Put it into Practice!

While some healthcare organizations struggle to keep up with even maintaining a basic Facebook or Twitter account; others are searching for the latest and greatest in social media innovation.  For those in the second group, may we suggest setting your sights on Instagram and Pinterest to enhance your online presence?  So, what are these new social media platforms?

  • Instagram:  Users (both personal and commercial) are able to take and upload images much like you would with a digital camera.  However, this channel links to other social media platforms and allows you to seamlessly share with your various mediums.  Use this for showing off your facility, your physicians at work and events that your organization holds.
  • Pinterest:  This platform is used much like the "bookmark" tab on your internet browser.  Pinterest allows you to "pin" specific images that link back to websites so that you can use them at a later date.  This is great for sharing infographics and practice information. 


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

With our exhaustive 130 point mystery shopping review, you'll know the answer. Give us a call or email Jamie today to discuss how our mystery shopping services can ensure practice growth in 2013!


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