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  January Update



                            Lessons Learned...

Over the past few weeks, we have spent countless hours with friends, family and colleagues throughout the community at a variety of events.  Now, as schedules seem to clear of these commitments we are finally able to take a breath and fall back into our routines of habit. 

After having the chance to converse with such a wide array of personalities, opinions and perspectives; we are finally able to digest all that we have taken in these past few weeks.  Being deeply involved in healthcare and keeping a steady, watchful eye on changes as they occur, it is intriguing to hear the range of views others hold on current issues within the field.  As we become engrained in the positions we hold on certain subjects and set in our views about how "things should be done", we forget to speak with those outside of the industry for a more rounded take on healthcare.

A few conversations that remain fresh and give a certain sense of hope for the patient experience, focus around the inconvenience of physician's running behind schedule.  From a customer service standpoint, we work with a variety of organizations', both large and small, on this very issue.  As we work to improve this common setback, we hear the perspective of the physicians, the nurses and those at the front desk.  From the patient point of view, we see feedback cards filled with negative remarks about long waits and must respond to posts via social media about unpleasant delays patients have incurred; we hear from those angry and vocal enough to present their remarks.

As this topic was brought up in conversation, numerous persons spoke up (from a variety of professions outside of the healthcare realm) and offered their thoughts on being faced with a wait time at their physician's office.  While it must be noted; it was a bit alarming to hear that all of those voicing their opinions had dealt with a significant wait time... each mentioned they understood the reason for delay and many stated when they were simply told the issue at hand, they felt little to no hostility for the hold up.  This refreshing insight shows us, from a customer satisfaction standpoint, if patients are spoken to in a calm, truthful manner; many accept the delay as a small bump in their day and simply reach for a magazine to pass the time. 

While healthcare will continue to deal with wait times; take this information as you enter into 2013 and remember that patients appreciate when you fill them in on what is taking place throughout their healthcare experience.


 December's Highlights:


We finished the year on a high note, being sure to check off all the items on our to-do lists!  December gave us a great opportunity to buckle down and complete a handful of projects.  We were able to spend some time in the office brainstorming and planning the year to come!  Look for big new things from (e)Merge in 2013; we are excited to get started on another great year!



Put it into Practice!

What can Social Media do for you?

  • Communicate with patients (current and potential)
  • Share updates and important practice information in a timely manner
  • Introduce new procedures, physicians and/or offers
  • Become a trusted source of educational information
  • BE FOUND online!
  • Respond to FAQs freeing up schedulers and receptionists time
  • Give patients a space to communicate
  • Run contests to increase patient loyalty and involvement in your practice


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