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(e)Merging Practice Growth Trends:

  November Update




How Do You Make a Hundred First Impressions in One Day?

The simple answer to this question is: work in a customer facing position at a healthcare organization.

Think of a situation where you were persuaded one way or another by a first impression.  You found you really didn't enjoy someone's company, didn't like the way a representative at an organization treated you... now think of how that impression has affected your decisions based on that person or organization; to spend time with them again, or patron their organization once more.

In healthcare, customer facing employees are often the first impression that new or potential patients encounter.  Positions including scheduling, front desk reception, billing department representatives and even nursing and physician staff members control the impressions made for the organization.  While it would often be easy to "shut down" and carry out the day on autopilot; as representatives of our practice, we must remember the importance of the impressions we make. 

From the management standpoint, one must also understand this same concept and focus their intentions on placing the right employees in these roles.  Time and time again we find staff members placed in customer service roles that do not possess the necessary personality to provide exceptional service.  Monitoring how well employees carry out their jobs in front of patients is the key to consistent positive first impressions.  Managers must also take a preventative measure and stay active on providing necessary training for customer service employees. 

Here are five tips for determining those fit for customer service:

  • Know the employee in terms of job fit- compare characteristics with top performers
  • Understand how the employee will react- determine how well they handle stressful situations
  • Chemistry between the manager and the employee- are they willing to compromise and adjust
  • Chemistry between the employee and the rest of the team- do they work together or stand alone
  • Leadership ability- do they tend to lead or follow the team

October's Highlights:

The highlight of our October was getting to speak at the recent MGMA National Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  The week was full of great sessions and educational events.  Getting to visit with a variety of old connections and meeting a handful of new contacts is always a great opportunity.  We were able to present a topic that created a great level of audience engagement, "Diagnosing Critical Management Derailers Within Your Organization" and had the chance to attend a number of sessions presenting great educational tips throughout the healthcare field.  We hope several of you had the chance to attend this conference as well; already looking forward to next year in San Diego!



Put it into Practice!

The following were published by Profiles International, as the Top Ten Workplace Trends of 2012:

  1. Workplaces that promote sustainability
  2. Integration of workplace solutions-creating higher value
  3. Inclusive workplaces
  4. Rewards and recognition
  5. Virtual workforces
  6. The built environment as a driver of employee engagement
  7. Evidence-based space design
  8. Quantifiable employee health and wellness initiatives
  9. Psychological health in the workplace
  10. Flexible workplaces
As always, we challenge you to stay in touch with new workplace trends and hone your focus on maintaining exceptional levels or employee engagement!



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