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  December Update




What is a T.E.A.M?

Often in the workplace, we hear the word "team" tossed around.  Management stressing, "We must work together as a team," or co-workers complaining that, "no one works as a team around here."  What does the term really mean and how can your organization work towards achieving it?


Let's break down the word, "team" and look into what really goes into the idea.


T: Teach one another from past experience and create betterment of all employees

E: Engage with co-workers to create a friendly, positive environment

A: Allow others to voice their opinions freely without feeling apprehensive

M: Make time to understand those you work with and discover how they are best communicated with


These four steps can lead to a more cohesive, invested group of employees.  If all staff members, management included, work towards these ideas on a daily basis team members will begin to feel a since of camaraderie and value in their work.  Teams come in many forms, but the basis of all successful teams is respect, patience and learning how to communicate with one another.  


 November's Highlights:


As conference season wraps up, we can look back at November and let out a sigh of relief.  The month saw us traveling from one side of the country to the other.  As always, we were fortunate enough to meet many new colleagues in our travel.  We saw sunshine in Texas, for a great social media luncheon discussion, and snow in the mountains of Washington for a productive visit with a new client.  The MGMA crew in Springfield, Missouri was enthusiastic and made for a wonderful conference experience! And last but not least..... our true highlight was that big Thanksgiving dinner! 



Put it into Practice!


As the plethora of social media offerings continues to grow, we are often asked which channels a medical practice should take the time to participate in.  Here is a quick rundown of our favorites:

*Facebook:  Tried and true, Facebook is a great way to engage with your audience, spread information about upcoming events, share knowledge and frequently asked questions with your patients. 

*Twitter:  Great for sharing educational information and engaging with other like-minded professionals and organizations.

*YouTube: It is important to share information with others; YouTube offers a robust channel to do just that.  Whether sharing footage of your physicians or a tour of your facility, this channel offers a personal touch.

*Instagram:  As a fairly new means of communication, you can again offer up a personal touch to your audience.  This resource focuses solely on photographs; use this to show staff and physicians in a more laid back setting!



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