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  September Update




What Role Does Facebook Really Play in Healthcare?

Just eight years ago, Facebook entered the market as a revolutionary communication channel for young adults attending select colleges across the country for the purpose of interaction and networking.  Now, in 2012, the social media site boasts more than 901 million users across the world.  In 2007, Facebook added the "Fan Page" feature with which organizations and fan clubs could introduce their own subject-centered pages and obtain "likes" from users.  These pages have grown to what we now know as, "Facebook Business Pages".  

As businesses increasingly join the Facebook network, the gathering of minds takes on a much deeper role than solely communication.  Pages become hubs of information and news updates; as well as conversation forums garnering inaction between users.  While the telephone was once our primary means of research, the internet and more recently, Facebook and Twitter have become our 24/7 source of knowledge. 

For some, this concept seems unbelievable and outright silly; however, after a brief search on the social media channel, naysayers can quickly realize the wealth of information contained on one interactive social media site.  For the healthcare world specifically, hospitals, practices and clinics alike, are able to post valuable information regarding common treatments, diagnosis or information about the physicians. 

The simple process of creating and maintaining a Facebook page can be the differentiating factor between potential patients choosing your organization over another; especially if the patient is under 30.  Those under the age of 30 have come to expect the convenience of a Business Facebook Page and prefer those they are able to engage with online.  As the world around us speeds up, so do our needs and the ways in which we meet those needs.  Including a Facebook and/or Twitter page into your marketing strategy could be the boost you need and a helpful tool in leading you to new customers. 

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August's Highlights:

Peering at this month's calendar, it becomes quite obvious that the summer has finally run its course and conference and travel is about to commence!  We have truly enjoyed working with clients in the local, Kansas City area this summer and learning more about the healthcare community around us.  We have also had the chance to work with each other in creating new relationships with a variety of great new clients that will send us throughout the country for training!  I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces at upcoming conferences, as well as getting to know new names in leadership throughout the healthcare field. 


                                   Put it into Practice!

Ask any administrator, office manager or nurse what the most common complaint about a healthcare organization is and you are likely to hear, "Our wait times are too long."  Patients see such a tiny glimpse of the healthcare experience that they are unlikely to understand the complexity of running a medical office.  While completely eliminating wait times is about as steep an order as world peace; we can work to create more satisfied patients as they sit in our waiting areas.

  • Inform patients of how much longer they should expect to wait
  • Offer a variety of entertainment items (magazines, newspaper, etc)
  • Place refreshments within the room
  • Consider educational television streams to occupy and inform
  • Be sure the waiting room is in pique condition and does not appear rundown
  • Greet everyone with a smile and answer questions as thoroughly as possible


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