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  March Update




A Great Patient Experience Isn't Due to Luck!

Satisfied patients aren't created by sheer luck; understanding the various aspects which combine to create a great patient experience is the key to success within a healthcare organization.  Not all patients are satisfied by identical conduct and atmosphere, so the key to satisfied patients lies in the adjustment made to cater to individual patients. 

Many times patient experience is reduced to the miniscule concept of providing a welcoming smile and pleasantries to patients; while these are crucial, they are but part of the patient satisfaction equation.  Other aspects such as: cleanliness, patience, innovation and sufficient treatment options factor into a patient's observations.   To reach superior levels of customer service, employees often require training and guidance.  Organizations must realize the importance of taking the time to form a strategy to reach these levels of patient satisfaction all healthcare offices strive for.  Without an idea of what you want to achieve and how the organization is going to actualize these goals; patient experience will rest solely on luck; luck that patients come in contact with employees possessing positive attributes and luck that office processes are enacted properly.   

Speaking of luck, exceptional patient experiences aren't achieved overnight.  Many employees become reluctant to change and need additional coaxing, while others are so set in their ways, initial training doesn't make an immediate adjustment.  Others, however, catch on quickly and will be the leaders in your push toward a greater patient experience.  Be sure this month when you are examining your office practices and procedures you put a little extra focus on creating a cohesive customer service plan for your employees to adhere to!


February's Highlights:

The month of February has brought about many new partnerships and opportunities for (e)Merge.  We are looking forward to expanding our clientle and offering additional and updated services to client's new and old.  An exciting new venture for (e)Merge has been the recent partnership between Jamie Verkamp and Omaha Consultant, fellow MGMA Speaker, Laurie Baedke.  The two seasoned consultants are teaming up to present a new line of training DVDs; the project is being piloted this month and will be available to everyone in the near future!



Put it into Practice!

We have all heard the term used while discussing patient experience and overall satisfaction within an organization; "above and beyond".  Everyone has a different view on what constitutes the recognition.  Here are a few examples on what the public has said...

  • "My son was very ill when we went into the office, we were told there would be a long wait to see the doctor, that things were very backed up that day.  The receptionist saw the pain my son was in and actually came over to us and whispered that she would have a room ready for us as soon as possible.  Her acknowledgement was comforting and made for an exceptional experience."

  • "There is one nurse at the physicians office I frequent that whistles as she walks through the halls.  Whenever she comes in contact with anyone you can always hear her greet them pleasantly.  Even while waiting in the exam room, hearing her outside the door puts a smile on my face!"

  • "I was preparing for vacation and my pharmacy was being difficult in assisting with getting my prescription filled in time.  I called our physician's office and explained my problem; the nurse that answered the phone told me to come by that afternoon and she would give me a sample that would hold me through the vacation; her help was cruitial at that moment."


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

With our exhaustive 130 point mystery shopping review, you'll know the answer. Give us a call or email Jamie today to discuss how our mystery shopping services can ensure practice growth in 2012!


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