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  February Update



How Effective is Your Hiring Process?

A new position has opened within your organization and you are placed in charge of the hiring process.  Do you know what questions to ask, which traits to look for, or what will make a candidate successful in this position?  Without knowing the answers to these items, the chances of making a bad hiring decision drastically increase.  According to Bersin & Associates, a well-known HR agency, "A 'bad hire' can cost companies up to the employee's annual salary and beyond."

With this much to lose, organizations must be thoughtful and precise throughout the hiring process.  Another downfall bad hires create is the increase of annual turnover rates.  Bersin & Associates found on the average, one in every eight hires left a new position within one year.  Healthcare is abundant; with one in every 11 people employed in the field, the hiring process is more constant than other industries. For a field so heavily reliant upon technology and factual scientific study; there is an overall lack of effort placed into the technical nature of a hire in healthcare. 

So what are these technical aspects of the hiring process?  To begin with, there are two categories of assessments used to determine a candidate's "fit" within the position and organization.  These categories are: skill and behavioral.  Skill, encompassing the measurement of one's aptitude to complete a specific task; behavioral, meaning an appraisal of personality traits possessed.  Another necessary action for success in hiring is creating job profiles.  Having a profile present for each position within the organization allows for a greater understanding of the qualities required to excel in the occupation.  Without a clear grasp on the characteristics a candidate will need, the potential for a bad hire is present. 

The toll a high turnover rate takes on an organization is crippling.  The effects can be felt immediately from a monetary standpoint, but can slowly turn into disconnect between employees and overall, a poor work environment due to lack of trust or camaraderie.  In a recent case study compiled by Bersin & Associates, an organization implementing selection assessments saw an overall 50% decline in new employee turnover rate.  Simply put, taking the time to find the correct candidates from the start leads to money saved, greater employee engagement and a more positive work environment.


January's Highlights:


The month of January brought many new faces and much warmer weather!  Jamie Verkamp presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Tampa, Florida.  Here she was able to meet with senior residents to discuss marketing and social media.  "It was a great experience to speak with these residents who are all getting ready to go out and start their own practices; in the 4 hours I had, I attempted to give them a marketing bootcamp!" stated Verkamp of the experience.



Put it into Practice!

Research shows time and time again, employee engagement leads to better patient satisfaction scores, a healthier environment and lower turnover.  Here are some quick ideas on how to raise engagement...

  • Make sure management is accessable, the more closed off and hidden executives and managers are, the more distant the relationship becomes.

  • Reward and recognize those doing postive things around the office!

  • Create an open forum and have a system in place allowing employees to make suggestions for improvements.

  • Have set goals, and most importantly include all staff in setting those goals.

  • Internal communication is key!  With a greater sense of inclusion, employees feel a deeper connection with the organization. 


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

With our exhaustive 130 point mystery shopping review, you'll know the answer. Give us a call or email Jamie today to discuss how our mystery shopping services can ensure practice growth in 2012!


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