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  August Update


  Hospital Patients and Medical Practice Patients have Different Priorities when it comes to their Healthcare Experience

Press Ganey publishes annual reports to take the pulse of both hospitals and medical practices gauging the goals and trends in the healthcare industry.  The 2010 Medical Practice and Hospital Pulse Reports measured patient perspectives on American healthcare and found that overall patient satisfaction has risen between 2005 and 2009, but these satisfaction levels have begun to slow down. With such a decline in overall patient satisfaction levels, it is important for medical practices and hospitals to recognize their patients' priorities and realign their priorities to match those of their patients.

While communication, relationship development, and empathy were all central themes in patient priorities, it's important to remember that not all patients have the same priorities when it comes to their healthcare experience. These pulse reports found that in 2009, medical practice patients and hospital patients are not focused on the same aspects of patient experience.  

Medical practice patients are looking for providers that are sensitive to their needs and can provide an enjoyable office experience based on the cheerful attitude of the office staff.  The graph below lists the medical practice patient's top 5 priorities.

Medical Practice Patient Priorities.png

Alternatively, hospital patients have a different set of priorities and are more concerned with the responsiveness to complaints during their visit, as well as the inclusion of the patient in healthcare decisions.  The graph below shows us how hospital patients rank their priorities at inpatient facilities.

 Hospital Patient Priorities.png

While different patients have different priorities, all priorities focus on one thing, receiving patient-centered care.  Providing that patient-centered care is the key to providing positive patient experiences. 

scrub pocket.jpg  

   July's Highlights:

July 31, 2011 through August 2, 2011, Jamie Verkamp, managing partner at (e)Merge, spent her time presenting at the Retail Clinicians Education Congress.  This conference was composed of retail clinicians from across the country.  While attending the conference, Jamie found that the main goal of these retail clinicians was to build relationships with their patients.  Jamie remembers speaking with one attendee who declared, "It's our job to care".  Even in the non-retail environment, it is important to remember that nurse practitioners are still in the role of providing support to their team, and providing experiences for their patients.  Is your practice utilizing nurse practitioners or physicians assistants to provide your patients with a customized experience and adding value to your patients' visit?  If not, it is important that you take the time to re-evaluate their role in your practice and make an effort to improve the continuity of care and patient experiences that your nurse practitioners can provide.




Put it into Practice!  

Meeting your patients' needs and expectations:

Not all patients have the same needs and wants, but providing them with positive patient experiences can be as easy as applying "the Golden Rule" to your daily encounters.

Put yourself in your patient's shoes and ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my health priorities?
  • What is important to me as a patient?
  • How do I want my provider and their staff communicating to me?
  • If I were in that patient's situation, how would I react?


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

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