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(e)Merging Practice Growth Trends:

  June Update



Get the Best Out of your Practice's Managers and Supervisors

How are your managers performing? What do their peers and direct reports think of them? Do you know their weaknesses or strengths?

It can be hard to help a supervisor reach maximum potential if you don't know the answers to these questions. Here at (e)Merge, we've started using the Checkpoint 360 to help practices and hospitals get the most out of their managerial staff.

This assessment gives a 360-degree view of the manager, as we gather information and opinions from the manager herself, 2 supervisors, five direct reports and five peers. An in-depth review then tells you how they're doing with relationships, leadership, adaptability, task management, communication, production, personal development and development of others.

After reviewing the report with the manager, we help them take control by making a plan for personal change. The self-directed planner includes guides for interpreting data, setting goals and identifying strategies to bring about change. Like other components, the development planner is uncomplicated and results-oriented.

Here's what our HR Specialist, Kellie Eisenhauer has to say about the Checkpoint 360: "You really get an honest critique of a person's skill sets and effectiveness. I think you get a lot of honesty through anonymity, because people feel more comfortable evaluating someone when they know it will not come back to haunt them. I also think it's a nice wakeup call for your staff: they may see themselves in a much different light than their peers and direct reports see them in. Once they know that's the case, they can make improvements that will benefit themselves and the efficiency and effectiveness of your company."

Click here to check out the Checkpoint 360 and see if it might help take your managers to the next level.


   May Highlights:

May has been an exciting month for (e)Merge.  Jamie Verkamp presented and participated in a panel at Cleveland Clinic's 2011 Patient Experience: Empathy & Innovation Summit.  While participating, Verkamp discovered that social media is still a hot topic as it relates to patient engagement.  Healthcare has really taken notice to the value in engaging their patients online, but there are still a lot of questions that exist on how to implement social media strategies while still respecting patient privacy and HIPAA concerns.  This month we've announced a new webinar series beginning in July, Developing a HIPAA Compliant Social Media Strategy.  HIPAA expert and healthcare attorney, David Harlow and Jamie Verkamp will be joining forces to present this series that was designed to help answer the long list of questions associated with developing a social media strategy and remaining HIPAA compliant. 




Put it into Practice!  

Engaging your patients online isn't the first place to start.  It's important to keep your patients engaged in your office too! 

Keeping your employees engaged and active in your practice is just as important as engaging your patients.  Employees who are highly engaged are excited, enthusiastic, focused on their work, emotionally and mentally involved with their company, highly productive, and are not easily distracted.  If your employees are passionate about their jobs and the company they work for, they are much more willing to ensure that your patients stay engaged.  They communicate on a higher level and are proud to represent their company in a positive way.

So how do you really know if your employees are engaged?  We would all like to think or assume that our teams are passionate about their roles, but oftentimes we find out some interesting things from our Employee Engagement Assessment.  Our assessment is a great tool to take a snapshot & give you some direction on your Employee Engagement status. 


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

With our exhaustive 130 point mystery shopping review, you'll know the answer. Give us a call or email Jamie today to discuss how our mystery shopping services can ensure practice growth in 2011!


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Where's (e)Merge?

July 12th & July 14th

Developing a HIPAA Compliant Social Media Strategy Webinar Series

Aug. 1st 

Retail Clinician's Congress

Orlando, FL

Aug. 2nd

MGMA-AL Annual Conference

Destin, FL

Aug. 3rd

MAHPRM Webinar

Aug. 24th

PMI Webinar

Sept. 7th

CA Medical Association Webinar

Sept. 9th

MGMA-Connecticut Annual Conference

Waterbury, CT

Sept. 16th

MGMA-Ohio Annual Conference

Lewis Center, OH

Sept. 22nd

MGMA-Colorado Annual Conference

Breckenridge, CO

Sept. 23rd-24th

AAOS Annual Practice Management Meeting

Chicago, IL

Oct. 12th

SAMGMA Luncheon

Springfield, MO

Nov. 10th

MGMA-St. Louis Southland Luncheon

St. Louis, MO


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