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  April Update



Free Healthcare Webinar: Reap Multiple Benefits from Team Building Workshops

If done right, team building workshops not only create a more cohesive staff, they boost morale and amplify productivity. And as HR Specialist Kellie Eisenhauer will share in her free webinar next month, a DISC assessment workshop can also bring to light your employee's behavioral tendencies so you can learn how to successfully mentor, coach, manage and motivate them.

"Everyone participating in this webinar will take a free DISC assessment so I can teach them the importance of this behavioral evaluation and how using it in a workshop can accomplish multiple goals."

The DISC assessment is a 24-question online survey that can be taken in about ten minutes. It produces a personalized report detailing the respondent's behavior, including their preferred work style and atmosphere, traits that can be of value to your organization, their preferred methods of communication, how to adapt when you are speaking with them, how they view themselves and others and keys to their motivation and management.

"I initially use the assessment to help employees and management better understand each other," adds Eisenhauer. "Then I encourage management to take a deeper look at the reports so they can understand how to approach each of their staff in conflict resolution, leadership development, retention strategy and performance plans."

Linsey Grams is Director of Public Relations at (e)Merge. "We all did the DISC assessment workshop here at (e)Merge. I now better understand how my colleagues work, what drives them, how to communicate with them, and also why I work and operate the way I do. That understanding has made our daily business operations more fluid and effective."

This free webinar takes place May 5th at 12:30 central time. Office managers, HR professionals, hospital administrators and other management can register here until May 3rd.


March's Highlights:

Jamie Verkamp has been out and about speaking to a variety of groups this month.  She spent some time with MGMA Minnesota for their annual conference and focused on new marketing initiatives and opportunities for practices to take advantage of using social media as a marketing tool. There has been a large demand for this topic and an increasing amount on interest in how healthcare organizations can properly utilize social media.  Social media started out as a fun and innovative marketing tool, and now that more healthcare organizations are jumping on the social media bandwagon we have realized that many have no rhyme or reason to their social media strategy.  There are lots of opinions out there and miscommunications on how practices should engage online.  With a plethora of social media resources out there, we would like to encourage practice leaders to take some time to do their research and get their information form educated sources.  Below is a list of resources your practice can use when developing or modifying your healthcare organization's social media strategy.



Put it into Practice!

  • If you wrote your social media strategy 2 years ago, keep in mind that the social media realm is constantly changing. You should be revising your social media strategy frequently to keep up with the trends!
  • Many practices do not have the resources to assign all social media duties to one person. Get your employees engaged with your social media strategy. Pull together a handful of employees and have them serve as the social media committee, put each of them in charge of research and divide up the social media responsibilities.  Make it your goal to get the committee together at least once per quarter to re-evaluate the strategy and improve current processes.


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

With our exhaustive 130 point mystery shopping review, you'll know the answer. Give us a call or email Jamie today to discuss how our mystery shopping services can ensure practice growth in 2011!


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April 6th

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April 14th

POMAA Orlando Conference - Orlando, FL

May 22nd - 24th

2nd Annual Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience: Empathy and Innovation Summit - Cleveland, OH


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