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No social media fear- our solution, Socialverse is here!

Social media is a win-win, both for the practice and the patients. Social media becomes a resource and a lifeline for patients, but also a great way to drive referral volumes for an organization. Still, as consultants for the healthcare industry, we’ve heard one concern over and over again:  

“The number one question that I get when I speak about social media is, ‘how am I going to manage it all?’ And the bewildered looks of, I already have too much on my plate…I know I need to do it but where will I find the time?” says Jamie Verkamp, Partner here at (e)Merge.

 That’s why we’ve launched new software designed to monitor, manage and maintain your social media efforts. Consolidating all of your social media accounts into one, simple dashboard, Socialverse lets you monitor what’s being said about your business and staff. It’s that quick-glance feature that allows you to respond to both praise and criticism in a timely manner.

“There’s a lot of systems that allow you to migrate your accounts to one location, but not a lot that allow you to search and monitor what’s being said,” says Hilary Holden, Director of Marketing and Social Media at (e)Merge.  

Socialverse also allows you to schedule future posts, saving time and log-ins. And because Socialverse combines all of your accounts, you only have to log into one location to schedule posts for any of the social sites you need to update.

“The aspect I’m most excited about is its ability to import contacts so you can search for them in all of your social media accounts. It will make it so much easier to connect and foster relationships with new and potential patients or clients,” says Holden.  

On average, the software is reducing time offices spend dealing with social media by 25%. Other clients are enjoying even more time savings, cutting their time updating, monitoring and posting feedback almost in half.  

“The benefits of social media use in healthcare stretch far beyond calculating the ROI,” notes Verkamp. “And I’m excited because Socialverse will allow many organizations who don’t have the time or other resources to effectively implement and monitor their social media to jump in and start truly engaging their patients.”  

“There’s nothing else like this specialized for healthcare,” boasts Holden. “People seem really excited about it.”

To find out more about Socialverse, call us at 1.877.362.6584 or check out our blog for answers to frequently asked questions.



Put it into Practice!

InlineWhen using social media, it is important to take the time to monitor, manage, and maintain all social media accounts.

To keep up with social media:

 - Schedule time to get online and respond to patient comments

 - Allow other staff employees to collaborate on social media accounts

 - Plan ahead. Determine what you are going to post to your accounts ahead of time by scheduling a month's worth of content

These tips will allow you to maintain positive relationships with your patients and help your practice GROW!
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