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Our Official, Unofficial Facebook Poll: What’s your Biggest Gripe about the Doctor’s Office? 

We asked Facebook users what frustrates them most about visiting the doctor. Waiting was the chief complaint, with a whopping 39% of respondents. Now, we know your doctors aren’t off enjoying martinis in their office while patients sit in a room by themselves reading the June 2008 issue of O Magazine for the third time. Healthcare is unpredictable, and some patients may take longer to see, pushing back even the most carefully scheduled day.

“Seeing both sides, it becomes about managing expectations and providing them with an experience,” says Jamie Verkamp, Partner at (e)Merge. “Show that you value them by providing refreshments and entertainment options like a wide array of magazines, television or digital point of care marketing. Small touches like these can take a patient from loathing the wait, to not minding the wait to not even noticing the wait.”

Seventeen percent of respondents say the doctor’s attitude is their main frustration. Patients say they sometimes feel like the doctor is too rushed, not listening or not taking time to explain important details the patient may not understand.

“There is no doubt that doctors must multitask all day. Still, there are very simple things they can do to improve patient perception without spending anymore time or energy. For instance, sitting down when they come into the exam room, making more eye contact or simply asking if the patient has any questions.”

Fourteen percent of survey respondents say they are most annoyed by rude practice employees. “The office help forgets what it's like being a patient - nasty attitudes, impatient,” notes one woman.

 Verkamp says employees need to be reminded that while they see hundreds of patients a day, that may be the only interaction and chance for positive impression each patient gets with the office staff. “Show empathy and compassion. Think about a way you would want someone to convey a policy to your grandma or mother and think about treating you patient like that.”

More survey responses are listed on our blog; some entertaining, all good for insight into the mind of the patient.

Sneak Peek of What We’re Working On

Many healthcare professionals are struggling to find the time to utilize social media to its full potential.  We understand and are in the process of launching a new program specifically designed for the healthcare industry to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals interact online.  This solution will prove to be a significant time saver to maintain, manage, and monitor your social media.  Check back for more information about this exciting new offering or contact Hilary at our office for a “sneak peek”.



Put it into Practice!

We recently discovered a pediatrics practice on Facebook that posted a photo from their annual holiday event as their business page profile picture.
However, the picture was taken at a restaurant with empty wine glasses and half empty martini glasses sitting on the table.
While it’s great to show the personalities of your physicians and staff to make them relatable to their patients, it is essential for your organization to maintain your practice image within social media outlets and make sure you’re sending the right message to your patients.  
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