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Refocusing on Patient Experience


Don’t let healthcare customer service take a back seat while dealing with change.  

To say that the American healthcare industry is in flux is a gigantic understatement. The changes that are both upon us and impending are countless, ranging from the electronic record transition to the political overhaul. In a time of uncertainty, it can be helpful to focus on that which we do have control over. No matter how many adaptations we have to make, we can strive to ensure patients do not feel the stress of the behind-the-scenes mayhem. We can also work toward not just maintaining, but improving the patient experience.  

“As consultants, we see many practices and healthcare networks that are becoming too busy behind the desk to give patients the attention and personalization they deserve,” notes Jamie Verkamp, partner at (e)Merge. “They are feeling more processed and herded. We understand that staff are inundated with new technologies on top of an already massive workload, but patients do not.”  

Verkamp suggests keeping the efficiency behind the wall, so the patients feel like the most important part of your practice rather than your new EMR implementation. Staff can also remember some little gestures, like always making eye contact during conversation or introducing themselves. These courtesies take just seconds to carry out and convey warmth and personality.  

To some, this may seem like just more work. And while it does take extra effort, it keeps the staff focused on a positive aspect of practice that they can manipulate and affect. Giving patients a “wow” experience is also a vital aspect of practice. “We sometimes forget that without the patient, a practice or hospital can’t survive. But with increasing competition, patients can always find other healthcare providers willing to give them the experience they seek.”



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