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Create Long Lasting Relationships with Baby Boomer Patients

There is an estimated population of 76 million Baby boomers, which make up one of the largest consumption segments in the United States.  It is only natural for this demographic to be active consumers of healthcare.  What are you doing within your practice to target this segment effectively?

baby boomersBaby boomers are classified as being born between 1945 and 1964, which means they are currently between the ages of 46 and 65.  They especially value customized and specialized services, and based on the cultural events going on throughout their lifetime they tend to doubt traditional institutions and challenge values.  They will be skeptical of your practice and even wonder what the hidden agenda is.  This means it is important to go the extra mile for this demographic to really make them trust you and your practice.   Trust is one of the hardest things to create, and one of the easiest things to break.  Gain their trust by clearly explaining processes and procedures so they know why they are doing everything they are asked to do.  Don’t underestimate the value of a smile, it may not gain their trust but it will make them feel more open to trusting you.  Keep them informed and engaged.  When it comes to healthcare, Boomers are very interested in doctor credentials and practice reputation.  They are likely to bring outside information to their appointment and likely to do extensive research about the practice online.

Unfortunately, many underestimate the Baby Boomer’s capabilities when it comes to technology, but they are curious about testing the internet’s murky waters.  While operating the internet can sometimes be a problem, they appreciate that it is available to support the personalization they are looking for.  Help them out by making your website easily navigable with all of the important information right at their finger tips. 

Believe it or not, Facebook’s fastest growing demographic is women over 55. In the last 120 days this user demographic has increased by 175.3%.  Reach out online by building a Facebook page for your practice and get them engaged in conversation.   You can provide them with practice and physician credentials and even include physician bios.   Give them links to medical reading material that they might find useful to gain their overall trust.  Utilizing these methods will ensure a long standing relationship with your Baby Boomer patients. Being open to communication and making them feel valued is the most important thing, so help your practice take initiative and implement steps to improve Baby Boomer interaction. 




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Inline1/3 of Facebook's global audience is aged 35-49 years of age. Nearly 1/4 is over age 50.

The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year old females

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