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Love the one you’re with!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner it is all about loving the one you are with, which is a concept that many practices could put into action with very heart
little money and a lot more effort.   It was reported that 200 healthcare leaders were questioned about their patient experience strategy.  When asked what their biggest stumbling block was, 25.4 percent of the healthcare leaders answered,” Lack of funding or budgeting priority.” Planning a patient experience strategy is important, but what many practices don't realize is they need to be thinking about a patient experience strategy that does not require an extensive budget. 

 The most profitable strategy is love.  If you can take the time to really make your patients feel like they are the only person in existence at the time of their visit you will significantly improve their level of satisfaction and create the WOW experience they've been waiting for.  You can spend large amounts of money on new decor and fabulous waiting room amenities but sometimes all it takes is complete, undivided, attention to really make the patient experience above and beyond.  

When walking into a practice 33 percent of patients are not greeted.  Would you want someone walking into your home without greeting them?  Patients want to feel comfortable and at home when they visit their doctor.  Let’s face it, most people don't like going to the doctor, but it wouldn't be so bad if you walked into the lobby and were immediately greeted like family.  Have a heart, and start sharing it with your patients because it’s all about providing that genuine loving and caring experience that patients can look forward to.  Provide a story and experience that they have to share with their friends.  You’ll keep your patients and their friends coming back more often. Start loving the one you’re with, it will improve your staffs’ attitude and keep your patients coming back.  Sometimes all we need is love.  



Put it into Practice!

InlineTeach your staff to notice the eye color of the person they are working with. 

It gives your staff the opportunity to look away from charts and focus on the patient.
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