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  October Update


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Is Middle Management being held Accountable for the Patient Experiences at your Practice?

For many of our mystery shopping experiences, the client's ability to score within the upper percentile of customer service is based upon the performance of middle management.  While a significant level of trust is put in these particular positions, is there significant training provided to reach consistent scores of satisfaction?

Healthcare is, without a doubt, a service industry.  Patients enter the office expecting superior evaluation, advice and assistance.  When providers fail to produce these elements, the practice is deemed as unwelcoming, disinterested, and unprofessional.  While practices rely on their doctors to provide exceptional information and diagnosis to their patients, the inevitable fact remains; very little of the appointment experience is spent with the actual physician.  Other positions such as receptionists, nurses and physicians assistants make up a large portion of the equation.  With these additional elements, come further possibilities for failure.  Working with those responsible for managing these valuable positions could be the missing link to bridging the gap between poor customer satisfaction and consistently great feedback!

To begin with, managers directing these employees must fully understand and respect the fact they are training the face of the practice.  Without this realization, the natural human instinct to just "go through the motions" takes over and customers begin to feel less valued during their experiences.  While physicians themselves may go above and beyond to engage patients and exude a welcoming appearance, the fact remains, if those leading up to this point did not do the same; the practice will suffer. 

To combat this common occurrence, all members of the team must be held accountable for the experiences patients undergo. This begins with the practice investing the time and resources to adequately train middle management on how to coach, inspire and motivate employees.  Within many practices, a promotion from entry level to middle management can be based solely upon excelling at tactical responsibilities.  Promotions made with this tunnel vision can lead to middle management having little to no actual training or skills in managing others. 

If the effort is not put forth to train these management positions, the practice will sit at a customer satisfaction standstill with no opportunity for improvement.  Ultimately, true customer service stems from coaching and training.  Without constant guidance from management, staff will lack the tools they require to carry out superb service.  Taking the correct steps to locate problematic areas within the customer experience, educate employees on best practices and implement changes will result in greater satisfaction in customer service and a larger, more loyal client base.


   September's Highlights:


Healthcare organizations are increasingly more aware of the power of engaging employees and customer services improvements. We are having many conversations with clients and at conferences about how creating sustainable improvements to the patient experience starts with the people that have to carry them out.





Put it into Practice!  

According to a recent case study done by Banner Health, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona; the four best practices within a healthcare organization to drive an exceptional patient experience are:

  • Articulate a clear vision; connect with all employees
  • Establish measurable accountability
  • Developing leaders for success
  • Create sustainability; always be ready and willing to change and adapt.

Do you provide training and on-going leadership growth opportunities to your manager- beyond the tactical skills required?  If not, your organization may be missing a key piece to improving patient satisfaction and growing referral volumes.


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