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October Update

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Do Your First Time Managers Need Some Extra Tips on How to Lead Others?

Managing for the first time can be a massive undertaking for most people, especially when the transition is external rather than internal.  Being the new guy or gal on the block can already be intimidating enough and on top of that, you are expected to lead those sizing you up?!  When it comes to breaking down barriers and becoming a great leader, there are a few steps you can take to minimize the discomfort and increase the ease of the transition to become an effective leader.  Here are some of the ways first-time leaders can boost their confidence and gain the trust of others.


From the beginning, being transparent as a manager can show those you will be working with that you are open to learning more about them and their operations.  Along with this effort to show transparency, be sure to inform your team what you will be looking for and what you expect from them.  Putting these items out in the open from the beginning will help increase buy in from employees and remove the stress of uncertainty. 

Ask Questions

Be sure to communicate with your team that you are willing to answer questions and are open to them.  Even suggesting everyone come up with as many questions as they want to get to know you can be a great way to increase comfort levels as a team. 

Figure Out What Your Team Members Really Want to Do

The bottom line is you should get to know your team members.  In most cases, employees are being underutilized or in a position that doesn’t fully compliment their skill sets.  Gaining a better understanding of each employee’s background, goals and strengths can be a quick way to get your team on track and improve morale as roles are adjusted.

Get Your Hands Dirty

You’ve probably heard this one before, lead by example.  Don’t be shy; follow your team members around and get to know their duties and responsibilities.  Also, don’t accept the mindset that just because you are the manager you cannot perform simple, small tasks to help take the workload off others in a tough spot.

Be Decisive

When you have built rapport with your team and have had the time to create your plan and vision; be sure to share this with your team.  Be certain to move forward in a confident manner and enter this conversation with an action plan.  Employees will see you taking charge and most likely will be eager to follow.

Leadership isn’t for everyone; in fact, only about one-third of workers (34%) surveyed by CareerBuilder said they aspire to leadership positions.  For those that do aspire for these roles, the learning curve can be difficult, but using these tips first time managers are bound to find their way quickly.

emergehr3.gif September's Highlights:

In the spirit of school getting back in session, this month was certainly full of education! The Bones Society of Florida annual conference was a chance to enjoy warmer weather before it’s gone, as well as a great event to attend.  We spoke to attendees about personal health experiences and creating loyal patients.  Patient engagement is an important topic right now and it is exciting to see a shift of attention toward it!  Previous to that, we were able to speak at the MGMA Iowa event in Dubuque and had the opportunity to get to know several new members.  Finally, we wrapped up the month in Virginia at the VMGMA Fall Conference discussing patient experience and marketing initiatives to improve patient referrals.  These topics go hand in hand as we know, often a great patient experience can serve as the best source of referral!  Now it is on to October… we look forward to seeing many of you in our travels!


Put it into Practice!

Getting patients to use patient portals may not be the issue at hand; providing the education on WHY they should begin to use these outlets is more likely the root problem needing to be addressed. Here are some ways your organization can work to improve enrollment numbers.

  • Suggest signing up at times of need (patient calls for refill or to ask questions)
  • Set up an enrollment station/kiosk
  • Assist with enrollment in office
  • Have check out desk mention the ability to schedule online once enrolled
  • Encourage nurses to communicate to patients if they have any other questions to ask through the portal
  • Direct patients online to view lab results

What other ways are you finding work to get your patients involved in the health and engaged in the portal offerings available to them?


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