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  May Update





Building a Team to Take On an Army


TEAM: a number of persons associated in some joint action.  There are a slew of clichés to accompany this single word: "There is no 'I' in team," "You are only as strong as your weakest link," "It takes an army to move a mountain".  However you choose to say it; the simple fact is it takes teamwork to achieve success. 

A patient experience is not contingent upon the front desk receptionist; nor is it based upon the conversation had with a physician.  Patient satisfaction relies on the culmination of all these interactions.  

Recently, visiting a new local restaurant, this concept became a personal example.  Upon arrival, we were promptly greeting and led to our table by a pleasant, well-dressed, professional hostess.  After waiting far too long, we were half-heartedly addressed by our server; throughout our time there, various interactions with our server were bland, disinterested and overall unsatisfactory.  During our meal, we were again very pleasantly greeted by management and assured they were delighted to have our business.  Overall, two of the three pieces of this team we encountered were exceptional providers of customer service; however, our server was far below the standard obviously set for employees and the experience we had will likely keep us from returning to this establishment. 

As leaders, we must strive to assure this type of experience does not take place.  Each member of the team must be properly trained to provide customer service to the organization's standards.  If at any time an employee does not work as a whole, the organization could suffer from a poor review or unsatisfied patient leaving the office to spread their experience with others.  Motivate your staff to understand the importance of their role and the impact they have on each customer that enters the door! 


April's Highlights:

The highlight of the month of April was courtesy of the great group of folks we met at MGMA Georgia!  During this conference we were able to discuss with various attendees how they are doing things at their organizations to go above and beyond to maximize the patient experience. 

Throughout our time in Georgia, we heard numerous stories of successes and fresh innovating ideas for improving customer service and enhancing patients' overall experiences.  Always a fun and educational time when great minds get together to discuss improvement!


Put it into Practice!

A great team does not come together overnight; here are five great tips from "The Economic Times" to help you develop teamwork in your organization:

  1. Set a Common Goal- Make sure everyone is aware of the ultimate result desired.
  2. "We" Instead of "I"- Respect for one another is crucial for reaching organizational goals.
  3. "Man" the Team Well- Emphasize everyone's talents and work around weaknesses.
  4. Appreciate People- Recognize and congratulate accomplishments.
  5. Celebrate Together- Celebrate achievements together; everyone contributed to your success!


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