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  July Update


Job Fit Solutions for Medical Practices and Hospitals

Half of the patient experience happens in the lobby with your office staff: answering the phones and making appointments, greeting patients, taking payment. It seems like it would be a no brainer to get customer service-oriented people in those roles, but as consultants, we see offices all of the time whose employees are horrible fits for their job roles. This problem is huge, as these people make a first impression on your patients and may be turning existing or potential patients off from your practice.

Making sure your employees are good fits for their roles is essential- and easy. By using a simple evaluation tool, we're able to gauge the talent's qualities and ability to thrive in certain roles, whether during hire or as part of promotion or succession planning. We take into account their interests, thinking and reasoning abilities and their behavioral characteristics to determine if they would thrive in your environment, the specific job role they're in or applying for, and what, if any other job role they would be bettered matched in.

"Practices are so focused on getting great physicians and nurses to provide outstanding health care that sometimes the hiring of office staff is an afterthought. Of course care should come first, that's a given. But we can't just dismiss the importance of the office staff to this business model; they are half of the key to your success in providing great patient experiences and growing your bottom line," says Jamie Verkamp, Director of Growth and Development at (e)Merge.

"The assessment takes less than an hour and helps you pick the candidate with the highest likelihood of success, create peak performance models and create accurate job descriptions. It's time well spent, and we've seen it save offices plenty of hassle over the long run."

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Put it into Practice!  


It is important to make sure your employees "fit" their jobs to avoid employee turnover. By maintaining employee satisfaction you can increase patient satisfaction at your office. Here are some tips to increase employee satisfaction:

  • Communicate: When communicating with employees of all levels it is important to create a link between your staff and providers.
  • Say "Good Morning": Greet employees at the first encounter of the day to let them know that you care and give them the feeling they are part of the team.
  • Appreciate: Praise something your employee has done well and say "thank you" to show your appreciation.
  • Independence: Give employees opportunities to use their skills and abilities to accomplish tasks to make them feel needed. Do not micro-manage, but give them independence to demonstrate what they can do on their own.


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How does your Practice Measure Up?

With our exhaustive 130 point mystery shopping review, you'll know the answer. Give us a call or email Jamie today to discuss how our mystery shopping services can ensure practice growth in 2011!


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July 12th & July 14th

Developing a HIPAA Compliant Social Media Strategy Webinar Series

Aug. 1st 

Retail Clinician's Congress

Orlando, FL

Aug. 2nd

MGMA-AL Annual Conference

Destin, FL

Aug. 3rd

MAHPRM Webinar

Aug. 24th

PMI Webinar

Sept. 7th

CA Medical Association Webinar

Sept. 9th

MGMA-Connecticut Annual Conference

Waterbury, CT

Sept. 16th

MGMA-Ohio Annual Conference

Lewis Center, OH

Sept. 22nd

MGMA-Colorado Annual Conference

Breckenridge, CO

Sept. 23rd-24th

AAOS Annual Practice Management Meeting

Chicago, IL

Oct. 12th

SAMGMA Luncheon

Springfield, MO

Nov. 10th

MGMA-St. Louis Southland Luncheon

St. Louis, MO


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