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July Update

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Yes, Even Managers Make Mistakes Too...

When it comes to managing employees, achieving a level of respect and exuding qualities of leadership are an important part of gaining and maintaining the trust of everyone.  However, it is also important to understand that managers, while in a position of power, possess the same ability to make mistakes as those they manage.  So, what happens when a manager makes a mistake?  If not handled appropriate, those working below the manager may be given an opportunity to doubt or distrust… on the other hand, a great manager will ensure through their actions that credibility and loyalty do not falter.

Managers are often placed in positions of control they are not yet ready or trained for.  In these situations, managers are given the tools to fail and must dig their way out to create success.  Overall, there are a number of possible mistakes to be made; here are some of the most common and how to avoid them.

Micromanaging:  While incredibly annoying to employees, this can also instill a lack of trust.  As a leader, understand staff members were put in their positions for a reason… they are capable of succeeding.

Providing No Guidance or Advice:  Failing to provide feedback makes employees feel forgotten and even ignored.  Be sure to coach your team members through their weak points and give them steps to success.

Setting Unrealistic Goals:  Easy wins are some of the best ways to motivate a team, showing they have it in them to succeed and creating a “go get em’” environment is critical.  Placing your team in situations where they are sure to fail only decreases motivation and increases displeasure.

Withholding Information and Creating Boundaries:  Creating an “Us vs. Them” environment is a sure way to quickly divide your organization and create a feeling of inferiority.

Not Accepting Responsibility:  Managers are responsible for those they lead, if mistakes are made within the team, managers must work to own up to the issue as a whole and not simply point fingers at those in question.  Being a team player can enhance respect and loyalty immensely.

Management can be a difficult position to strive within, the natural feeling of a need to micromanage and not accept blame can quickly derail a leader and leave a team broken.  Take the time to look at how your team feels about you and assess what you can do to create higher levels of trust and respect.

emergehr3.gif June's Highlights:

Truly another month from “coast to coast”!  The beginning of June was an exciting start to the month as we traveled to Washington D.C. for the annual AAOE conference.  The orthopedic field is full of interesting conference sessions and great people.  It was a pleasure catching up with everyone and taking the time to enhance many of our client relationships.  The NSCHBC meeting in Puerto Rico was not only beautiful, but a pleasure to present at as well.  This great group of healthcare consultants is always entertaining and full of knowledge!   Here’s to making the most out of the Summer; hope to see you out there!


Put it into Practice!

Video learning and the use of tablets continue to grow within the healthcare field.  Wondering how you can implement this in your practice and further engage your patients?  Here are some quick tips:

  • Use iPads/tablets to distribute pre-op/post-op instructions, patients are much more likely to listen to the information presented in office than read through packets of paper
  • Offer tablets to patients allowing them to sign up for patient portals in office
  • Use tablets to allow patients to review your practice in office while their opinions are fresh on their mind; especially encourage those you know are satisfied
  • Have schedulers use tablets for appointment scheduling, showing a patient the available appointments while they are at the checkout counter can reduce call backs for rescheduling

Are you using video learning and/or tablet technology in your office?  We would love to hear about how you are providing exceptional patient experiences to your patients!  Let us know: info@emergewithus.com and you may be featured in an upcoming blog post or newsletter!


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