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  July Update



Customer Service Isn’t Dead; It Just May Need Reviving

Often in the service and retail industries, consumers tend to ask the question, “Is customer service dead?” This question has long since been answered with a resounding, maddening, “YES!” From excessive checkout lines crawling at a snail’s pace at the local department store, to phone calls across the world looking for answers on why your phone isn’t working, to just not being able to speak with a real person for answers;  it would seem as though companies just don’t care anymore.

What happened to the time-honored traditions associated with exceptional customer service? As customers, when did they stop being “always right?” When did retail giants and service providers stop caring about those entering their businesses?

Too often, there is little reason for consumers to be excited about dealing with those handling the face to face interactions in the service and retail industry. However, if you dig in beneath the surface, one can see random acts of kindness can be observed and there are businesses delivering exceptional customer service.

Customer service isn’t all that complicated, it’s something companies everywhere can achieve.  However, impressive customer service does not happen overnight, continual coaching and motivation are behind every great team.  Here are five customer service lessons to consider:


1.)   Listen to customers in real time: With the immediacy of social media and the masses of people on using these platforms each day, those organizations not listening and interacting with customers are missing out on a tremendous opportunity.  Have a conversation with customers on social media.  Ask questions, open the floor for questions, start discussions and see what they have to say. Just communicate with them!

2.)   Employees that are willing to go the extra mile: Encourage employees to do all they can. Give them the opportunity to excel and allow them to go the extra mile. Be sure to always reward them for doing so; this will assist to put in the extra effort to heighten the customer service experience.

3.)   Leadership that values providing excellent customer service: Part of having employees that are willing to go the extra mile is having leaders that are willing to go the extra mile as well. Strong leaders able to encourage employees to go above and beyond are a crucial step in the process of achieving excellent customer service.

4.)   A corporate culture that fosters and enables excellent customer service: Leaders must ensure employees know what the company values and adhere to carrying out business in a way reflecting these values. On every level of the employee chain, from the ground floor to the CEO, everyone should know company values and conduct business in accordance.

5.)   A product or service that’s in demand: How do customers feel about your products or services? Whether a business serves consumers or other businesses, how can your organization make customer’s lives easier or better? How can you make them stay as loyal customers and become ambassadors for your brand?

The answer is actually simple; provide great customer service.

Exceptional customer service isn’t dead; it just takes some will power, work, and desire to achieve it.   Strive to ensure your organization has the proper pieces in place (management, values, motivation, employees, culture) to reflect positive, above and beyond customer service on a daily basis.


June's Highlights:

While the summer months tend to set precedent for slower, more relaxed days, it sure feels like the pace hasn’t slowed down here at (e)merge!  This month was full, once again, of great conferences and exciting new faces.  San Antonio brought an interesting experience as we gathered with a slew of healthcare consultants from around the country at the annual National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (NSCHCBS) conference.  It was refreshing to chat with those in the same field, bounce ideas and create new connections.  Also, the time spent at the annual MGMA Alabama conference was a great chance to meet new faces in the great state as well as catch up with those we have grown to know so well.  Here’s to another month flying by in 2013; on to the next one!


Put it into Practice!

Change is inevitable in any industry.  Whether it be a change in leadership, location or simply a policy; all organizations must face change at one time or another.  Unfortunately, not all employees take change with a smile.  Often, there are those leading the retaliation and spreading resistance.  Here are five tips on managing change in your organization:

  • Involve Your Employees in the Decision:  One of the main reasons for resistance is not feeling like they were given a say.  Combat resistance by allowing staff members to voice their opinions on the matter.
  • Convince Them That Change is Necessary:  Communication with team members to ensure everyone understands the nature of the change and how it will better the organization.
  • Be Proactive About It:  Anticipate retaliation and plan for resistance.  Know how to respond to your team and be prepared to answer questions without hesitation.
  • Customize Your Approach:  Everyone has a different personality, explaining the reasoning behind a change may need to be tailored differently depending upon the staff member you are speaking with.  Be sure to communicate effectively with each of your team members.
  • Reinforce The Change: Collect feedback often; this will allow you to keep a pulse on the team and even pinpoint who your naysayers may be.


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