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  July Update




Keeping Your Employees Motivated Throughout the Summer Months

Summer is officially here; the weather has heated up and the pools have opened their gates!  Kids around the country are hitting the beaches and sleeping in late; but what about those of us no longer able to take part in the thrills of summer vacation?  Employee motivation is at an all time lull during summer months; thoughts of activities one could be participating in can often reign supreme over the workload piling up.  So, how do you, as a manager continue to keep efficiency at an acceptable level?  We have put together nine helpful tips for maintaining employee motivation and keeping your staff happy and productive!

  1. Send Employees the Game Plan- Be certain to remind your staff of the goals and objectives the company has in place.  A quick review shows employees you, as a manager, are aware of what needs to be accomplished and have no intentions of failing to do so.  Be open to suggestions and openly welcome employee input relating to goals and expectations.
  2. Tidy up the Office- Suggest everyone takes a few moments to neaten up their areas; often a clear workspace can mean a clear mind.  A fresh outlook on work can take employees minds off any immediate distractions.
  3. Offer Flexibility- Summer months often translate to vacation time; remaining flexible and reasonable about employees' time off can actually improve in-office productivity.  When your staff is granted time off they feel appreciated, which over time improves employee satisfaction and thus engagement with their work.
  4. Encourage Healthy Living- Too much stress can have a negative impact on health and quality of work.  Create exercise options for your staff by providing a corporate wellness program; many organizations have improved employee morale by involving staff in weight loss challenges!
  5. Coordinate a Summertime Company Event- Often times, company get events can be bland and underwhelming.  Use the great weather as an excuse to get outside!  Schedule a company barbeque for the lunch hour or an afternoon break outdoors. 
  6. Focus on Team Building- As projects and deadlines loom, teamwork can often get pushed aside.  Encourage your staff with team building events and make sure employees feel free to share their ideas!
  7. Deal with any Difficult Employees Immediately- Don't let bad attitudes and poor values bring your team down and disarm your efforts; make a conscious decision to handle conflict head on immediately.
  8. Have Casual Dress Day- Promoting an enjoyable, laid-back atmosphere can result in giving employees a break from their every day routine.  Be sure to note what is deemed appropriate and try coordinating around holidays or corporate events.
  9. Enjoy Your Work- The best way to motivate employees and improve office morale is to practice what you preach.  Engaged managers show their staff what it means to be a great worker and overall set the bar for what employees base their actions around.



June's Highlights:

While the summer months here at (e)merge are often a time for us to put our noses to the grindstone with client work, I was able to get out and enjoy a few conferences this past month.  The highlight of my June conference schedule was my travel to Oregon, for the MGMA Washington/Oregon annual meeting.  I was able to connect with colleagues, both new and old, while having the opportunity to speak on the always engaging topic of social media.  While time away from the office and in the air is always refreshing, being in the office to knock out some new and exciting projects is truly the highlight of my month!


Put it into Practice!

Studies show organizations that give regular thanks to their employees far out perform those that do not.  While many companies have taken the steps to put an employee recognition policy in place; the majority of these programs are based off of tenure and longevity rather than actual performance.  Here are four best practices for employee recognition that truly makes employees feel appreciated:

  • Recognition based on specific results and behaviors- Decide upon specific standards that consistently will result in praise and recognition.
  • Peer to peer recognition- Display thank you's publicly and prominently so everyone can see them.
  • Share stories of success- Tell people about other's successes, don't keep them hidden!
  • Incorporate your company's values and goals into recognition- Keep thank you's and recognition in line with what your company values represent.


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