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August Update

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What Came First: The Happy Employee or The Happy Patient?

It is no secret; a happy team leads to more satisfied customers and patients.  Those that are engaged in their roles within the team and feel satisfied by the work they do, tend to give more on the job and care about the experiences their customers have.  In fact, when it comes to larger corporations, USA Today has found a correlation between employee engagement rates and stock prices. 

So, what makes this connection a reality? In most cases, rewarding employees can pay off in the long run.  This works because:

  • Employees will take pride in their work, and this is fueled by rewards and their feeling of importance.
  • You’ll see a far lower turnover rate, which means that your company will spend less time training new employees.
  • You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to human resources. The more you invest in your employees, the better your bottom line will turnout.

The concept of rewarding employees doesn’t have to be extravagant and depend upon the leftover cash flow in the monthly company budget.  Simple acts of recognition can go a long way when it comes to boosting self confidence and camaraderie in the office.  Whether it be themed lunches (either bought by management or simply promoted in office), employee of the month recognition, or a friendly, “Great Job!” upon passing a team member with a recent triumph; taking the extra time to connect can create a stronger team and better overall customer service as an outcome. 

What better way to become a team than to literally… become a team?  A local practice in the Kansas City area recently decided to create an in-office kickball team and now meets weekly for a local parks and rec league in the area.  Whether it be sports or hobbies, getting involved in new activities together can lead to a stronger team in the office!

From a managerial standpoint, be sure you are involved in engaging your employees.  Be active in their work life through providing feedback and offering support.  A team is only as great as the leader they look up to, so remember to give them the motivation they need!

emergehr3.gif July's Highlights:

During the month of July, we were able to change pace a bit and focus on providing education online through a variety of webinar courses.  It was great to be able to speak on social media in healthcare to a few great groups full of new faces.  Thanks to the AOA and ISHMPR for inviting us to speak with your groups online!  It was also a pleasure to get involved in a local conference here in the Kansas City area, the Cerner Ambulatory Summit.  Being there to speak on social media was a privilege, but we certainly also enjoyed the educational aspect as we were able to obtain valuable information from other speakers.  Check out #AmbSummit to view some of the conversation from the conference.


Put it into Practice!

Is great talent hiding in your organization?  Many times, the best leaders in your organization go unrecognized, as we are not looking at the right qualities and outcomes.  Here are characteristics of high potential performers; look for these when searching for your next leader:

  • Respected and Trusted
  • Highly competent in their job function
  • Always ensuring team goals are achieved
  • Catalysts for change
  • Open to feedback and criticism
  • Self managing
  • Creatively solve problems
  • High levels of loyalty and camaraderie


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