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Golden vs. Platinum: Which Do Your Employees Give Patients?


Have you ever had that "a-ha" moment when you come across an old document?  Those "oldies, but goodies" that you've forgotten about years ago...?  That is the feeling I had when running into a post online I'd previously seen.  While originally posted years ago, the ideas presented still remain steadfast and educational. 

As all practice managers know, there are a handful of "Golden Rules" every healthcare organization must strive to exude.  There are vital rules healthcare employees must live by.  Such as, "Give every patient your total attention"; "Be a team player"; and "Contribute to making your practice a good place to work."  Without staff members adhering to these general principles, employee satisfaction and thus patient experience declines.  When traveling the country training staff members at a variety of healthcare organizations, I express the importance of not only practicing the "Golden Rule", but striving higher to demonstrate the "Platinum Rule".  This consists of not only treating others the way you would want to be treated, but rather treating others the way they would like to be treated. 

We've all heard it time and time again... "Be a team player."  When working towards a greater goal, everyone must act as a cohesive system.  Patient satisfaction and superior patient experiences cannot happen with only one member of the team.  Collectively, through supporting each other, consistent success can be achieved.  What does a team player within a healthcare organization look like?  It could be stepping in to handle a patient when a co-worker is running behind, entering information into health records to conserve time, supporting others in personal times of need and simply working your hardest to show commitment to the organization. 

The tone of a practice's environment is not set and sustained by one person.  While management may enhance or downgrade the spirit of the office, everyone contributes.  As a whole, employees must act collectively to make the organization a great place to work.  Negative attitudes are not easily masked.  The patients you see and the employees you work alongside feel the effects of your mindset.  Staying true to these timeless ideals, or "Golden Rules", can create a positive work environment and thus, a more desirable organization as a whole.


March's Highlights:

While the month of March seemed to speed by, we did get to partake in several memorable events!  First was the noteworthy discussion on the power of physician involvement in social media with participants at the annual MGMA Virigina conference.  Many of them realized social media was not just simply for promotion, but for engagement of patients and sharing knowledge and resources; they were anxious to hear ways to get thier physicians more involved in the online conversations.

Also, working with staff at a clients office in dealing with the different communication styles and applying DISC principles in their daily interaction with patients.  The understanding that we all communicate differently, and no one way of communication is right or wrong, was helpful to the staff as they look to provide personal health experiences and apply the SCORE principles. 



Put it into Practice!

What does it take to create a great organization to work for?  Is it the pay, the perks or the overall corporate attitude?  After browsing through a list of the "Best Places to Work in Healthcare: 2011; here are a few of the reasons employees say these organizations rank at the top...!

  • Weatherby Healthcare:
  1. Dress code- free company t-shirts to wear to work
  2. Open communication/Open door policy with management
  3. Benefits- generous PTO policy, gym, and mother's room
  • LiquidAgents Healthcare:
  1. Early Out Incentives for Fridays
  2. Ping pong and billiards in breakroom
  3. Quarterly meetings held in Las Vegas
  • Impact Advisors
  1. Leadership truly cares about opinions
  2. Annual employee team building retreat
  3. Individual skills and talents are celebrated by managers

What are you doing to go above and beyond to make your organization a great place to work?


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