Using Changes in Healthcare to Your Advantage

Most healthcare workers look at the fluctuating state of healthcare and groan… I recently found myself feeling not only optimistic, but excited for the opportunities an industry in transformation brings. Fluctuation and change give us the chance to evaluate and question everything. Why do we choose this method of billing, this approach to patient engagement, this marketing strategy? Is the route we’ve been taking getting us where we want to go?

After awhile, we quit thinking about why we do what we do. Sometimes, we can get into ruts and routines that are no longer valid or useful to our business. This is when we need to open ourselves back up to assessment and possible change. So I challenge you to take this time of reform, overhaul and transition and use it to your advantage…to not only better your business, but contribute to the betterment of the healthcare industry.

Back in 2007, a Harvard professor gave a presentation on leveraging disruptive change for innovation. I think the article speaks to what the healthcare industry is experiencing now. Thoughts?

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