The Importance of Going “All In” on Your Social Strategy

When searching for local businesses or examining potential clients online, I always perk up when I see they have a social presence.  Seeing the familiar Twitter or Facebook icon immediately catches my attention and drives my click.  Here, I know I will be able to learn more about the business, not only from a basic aspect, but a more personalized experience.  I will see pictures from the business, perhaps learn more about the staff members and see if there are any upcoming events taking place that would be of interest. 

Well, this is what I usually hope to find.  The reality is, many businesses enter the social space out of a feeling of necessity and begin their efforts with vigor.  This initial motivation usually trails off after a few weeks and posts begin to decrease in frequency, until finally the leader of the charge loses interest and the page becomes a graveyard to what once was an enthusiastic communication channel.

As a consumer, one of the biggest turnoffs to a business is seeing an abandoned or highly neglected Facebook or Twitter page.  One with posts months apart, posts from users that have gone unanswered or pages boasting merely a few likes.  This creates a feeling of distrust and can often turn potential buyers away from the business.

Finding the time to truly create and maintain a blooming social media strategy can be difficult, if not impossible.  However, it is imperative that business owners and healthcare managers alike realize this and work to find the means necessary to overcome this obstacle.  Be sure when beginning a social media strategy, there is a highly motivated individual or third party with the drive to cultivate success and designate the time needed to enhance, grow and monitor your social presence.   Give consumers something to see when they find you online, not something that drives them away.

In fact, if you are itching to get your practice involved in social media, but just don’t know where to start, take a look here for great tips and find the motivation you need to get started!

May 2014
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