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Every day, we come in contact with employees from various organizations.  With each of these interactions, we leave with an experience and a level of customer satisfaction.  Emerge is located in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri; which for those of you not from the area or not possessing a love for sports may be unaware; we have the pleasure of hosting this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star game.  For our city, this is an enormous honor and a tremendous opportunity.  

During our customer service training sessions, we, at (e)merge, talk a great deal about job purpose versus job function and the affect it has on the patient/customer experience.  In many customer interactions, employees become stale and exude only their job function, or the tasks they are meant to fulfill.  Whereas, exceptional team members carry out their job purpose and deliver an experience exceeding customer expectations.  In the healthcare setting, when positions become repetitive, staff often deduce themselves to performing merely their job function and completing the tasks which are assigned.

This weekend, I was able to attend one of the All-Star weekend events here in Kansas City and witnessed two extreme examples of staff members choosing to carry out their job function and job purpose.  The first example was an older gentleman with the simple task of keeping the public from using an “employee only” exit.  When we were rounding ourselves up to leave the event, we were unable to locate the exit and became rather frustrated as we searched in circles.  Seeing many people exiting through the doors this particular staff member was guarding, we assumed it may be viable option for our departure.  Upon approaching the doors, he motioned to us and said we could not exit this way.  The frustrated look on my face said it all, and the man chuckled and asked if we were looking for the exit.  When we nodded enthusiastically, he politely asked another staff member to cover his assignment while he walked us in the direction of the exit and explained exactly where we needed to go.  This employee was a shining example of going above and beyond his function to carry out his overall purpose of providing fans with a memorable experience.

With the good, there comes the bad… and unfortunately for us, this was the last staff member we came in contact with at the event, thus leaving a bad impression of the event as a whole.  As we were downstairs leaving, there was a series of ropes blocking various exits, rather than walking to the other side of the building, I simply lifted a rope and proceeded to crouch underneath and push open the exit.  I was immediately barked at by a nearby employee who told me that exit was not available and I would have to continue around the roped off path to the opposite end of the building to exit.  As I started to question his statement as to why I could not exit through this door that clearly placed me right into the flow of outdoor foot traffic he continued to raise his voice and treat me as someone with perceived criminal intent.  When I realized his final rough remark had drawn the nearby crowds attention I conceded to his request and backed out into the roped area he directed me towards.  While this man could have simply allowed me to exit through this door, causing no harm or intrusion to anyone within a several thousand foot radius, he carried out his job function with extreme intention.

As a staff member or customer service representative, it is imperative to remember that you hold the customer experience and level of their ultimate satisfaction in your hands.  The manner in which you carry out your job will reflect upon your organization and the manager’s controlling your employment.  Next time you are placed in a situation with a customer, take the time to perform above the norm and deliver your job purpose providing an All-Star patient/customer experience.

Jul 2012
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