iPads in Healthcare: A Trend Worth Trying?

If you live on planet earth, you’ve witnessed the explosion of the iPad. Not only are they the new portable personal device, they’ve replaced menus at many local eateries and are sprinkled throughout hospitals and medical practices to be used in a variety of capacities.

Doctors are now using the technology to talk with patients about their medical history, show them x-rays, order prescriptions, access patient files, and show patients operative procedures and results, among many other things. I think this is just the beginning for hospitals using this kind of technology, and it will continue to permeate the industry as healthcare professionals find more and more uses for it. While the iPad makes healthcare professionals more efficient, it is important they are used in a way that keeps the patient at the center of care.

At St. Louis Children’s Hospital, child life therapists are doing just that- using the iPad to improve communication with children. The therapists are helping the kids understand their procedures with pictures, distracting them from their pain with games, even helping the kids acclimate to the sight of doctors and nurses in scrubs with images on the iPad, easing their fears.

With the iPad 2’s launch, many foresee this technology taking patient engagement to a level we’ve never before seen. With cameras, 9 times faster processing and a lighter build, who knows what new uses professional will find for it.

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