Improve Office Staff Communication to Increase Positive Patient Experiences

It is important to learn more about your personality and communications style and to adapt your style to effectively communicate with, motivate and manage others in your office.  (e)Merge is hosting an interactive webinar in which each participant will take a 10 minute DISC assessment prior to the webinar.  HR Specialist, Kellie Eisenhauer, will then show you how to use the DISC assessment in a workshop style format to benefit your office.

What is DISC?
Behavioral characteristics are categorized into four dimensions of normal behavior, which are referred to as DISC:

  • D – Dominance
  • I – Influence
  • S – Steadiness
  • C – Compliance

What to expect:

The highly validated DISC assessment immediately produces a personalized report with valuable information unique to the respondent’s behavior including:
General Characteristics – The individual’s preferred work style based on natural behavior
Value to the Organization – The individual’s contributing behaviors
Checklist for Communicating – How others can effectively communicate with the individual
Don’ts on Communicating – What others should avoid when communicating with the individual
Communication Tips – How the individual can adapt his/her own communication to other styles
Ideal Environment – The individual’s preferred work atmosphere
Perceptions – How the individual views his/her self and how others view the individual
Keys to Motivating – The individual’s wants provide the means for motivation in the workplace
Keys to Managing – The individual’s needs provide the essential areas managers must address
Areas for Improvement – The individual’s possible limitations identify areas for development

This free webinar takes place on May 5th at 12:30 central time. Office managers, HR professionals, hospital administrators and other management can register here until May 3rd. Play this video to learn more about the event!

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