Enhance your Web Presence with Rich Video Content

YouTube can give your practice an edge that other sites can’t: searchable, low-cost video exposure that engages and informs current and possible patients. Foraying into the world of web video can sound intimidating for medical professionals. But believe us- you do not need an audio/visual background to utilize YouTube as an effective marketing tool. Let us help you establish a YouTube channel that is professional, absorbing and gives life and personality to your medical practice for those searching for you on the web. Here is our “How-To YouTube Guide”:

First, create an account with your business’s full name. This ensures those who google your practice are directed to your YouTube channel. You also need a camera. The most user-friendly and affordable is the all-digital HD Flip ($150). This camera is very small, simple to use and easily imports video straight to your computer.

Then, come up with a strategy for your library of content. One series of videos could be interviews getting to know your staff. Conduct the interviews in an area with few distractions and interruptions. This way, you can do the interview in one take, and avoid complicating the process with editing. A series of educational resource videos are a great idea. Your staff can explain a condition they’ve been seeing recently, or you can ask pharmaceutical reps for videos about products and procedures your patients may be interested in. You can also be creative and come up with your own ideas.

Now that you have uploaded your videos, it’s important to cross link your YouTube page with your other social media and your website. You also want to make your YouTube contribution a consistent one. Use your calendar to remind yourself to post video. Patients will not continue to visit your page if the content is stale. If you can keep your video fresh and fun, you’ll build an audience, and as a result, a broader patient base.

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