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Marketing a healthcare practice and continuing to share information regarding the physicians, technology and services is a vital piece of the strategy when it comes to increasing patient volumes. However, the main ingredient to success when it comes to business, especially healthcare, is word of mouth referral. While we know this to be true, I

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Word-of-mouth marketing can be your practices’ greatest asset or biggest downfall, depending on exactly what your patients have to say about you.  People are much more likely to believe the word of a friend or acquaintance than they are to listen to a paid advertisement.  In fact, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14%

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As marketing specialists, we are constantly asked about strategy. Many wonder how effective word-of-mouth marketing really is and how much of their marketing plan should rely on it. The fact is, normal or satisfied practices cannot rely on word-of-mouth marketing at all because they are not creating memorable experiences for their patients. These practices have

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