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The idea is counter-intuitive: take the money in your marketing budget and give it away. But that concept is the highly-effective basis of cause-related marketing. Giving to charity not only supports those in need, it boosts your image as a company. According to a 2008 Cone study, 85% of Americans have a more positive image

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Beware, your patients now have choices and those patients are talking about you.  All hospitals and medical practices have reputations; the question that medical leaders must ask themselves today in a climate where patients are now consumers with options on where to receive the healthcare becomes what reputation do we have with our patients? What

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Ratings for physicians and hospitals used to be reserved for obsure sites with unfounded rankings and random comments from disgruntled patients.  However, as patient driven care becomes a cornerstone in the healthcare industry, the big guys in consumer reviews and reports are taking note and meeting the demand for more accurate rankings and reviews.  Patients

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