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Join Jamie Verkamp of (e)Merge and Practice Management Institute on Wednesday, March 24th at 12 Noon Central to learn why targeting your patient experience can dramatically increase patient referrals and boost your practice bottom line! Why is it that so few medical offices prescribe to the idea of creating an exceptional patient experience? Every positive

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Over the past year, Social Media has become a booming trend and shows no signs of going away anytime soon.  As it has exploded so quickly,  many are lost on the concept, while others are taking advantage of it.  A number of physicians and medical practices are now recognizing Social Media as a means to

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While listening to a webinar this morning, the presenter discussed several reasons why patient satisfaction initiatives fail in the hospital and practice settings.  One of the key mistakes many healthcare organizations make is that they fail to consistently monitor their patient satisfaction across the months and the year.  Many times, a hospital, health system or

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