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Marketing a healthcare practice and continuing to share information regarding the physicians, technology and services is a vital piece of the strategy when it comes to increasing patient volumes. However, the main ingredient to success when it comes to business, especially healthcare, is word of mouth referral. While we know this to be true, I

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With the emphasis we place on our client’s customer service, we are always keeping our eyes open to observe interesting customer service experiences.  I had one such experience last week; one I thought could be the worst of my entire 2012.  However, due to an extremely polite, apologetic employee, he managed the best save of

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Every day, we come in contact with employees from various organizations.  With each of these interactions, we leave with an experience and a level of customer satisfaction.  Emerge is located in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri; which for those of you not from the area or not possessing a love for sports may be unaware; we

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