About the Speakers

About the Speakers
January 15, 2013

As a keynote speaker, breakout leader, facilitator, trainer and consultant, Jamie Verkamp’s passion for people has helped her to energize nearly 40,000 audience members and become a nationally recognized thought leader in the healthcare industry. Her background in marketing and consumer behavior pairs well with her career-long involvement in the healthcare industry, as she’s able to motivate and educate healthcare leaders to understand patient behaviors, their decision making process, what they desire from their patient experience and what shapes their perceptions.

As Managing Partner and Chief Speaking Officer at (e)Merge, a medical growth consulting firm, she works shoulder to shoulder with medical professionals in both hospital and clinical settings to improve the patient experience and has seen measurable growth in her clients‘ customer service efforts, referral volumes and bottom lines. As a sought after speaker and trainer, Jamie shares her knowledge with audiences at more than 50 events each year speaking on topics related to new marketing initiatives, the patient experience and healthcare social media. Her expertise has also been featured in multiple industry publications including MGMA Connexion, Medical Practice Digest and the   American Medical Association. Verkamp’s 2010 article for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Connexion, titled “The Real Value of Social Media in Healthcare” was awarded the Edward B. Stevens Article of the Year in 2011 by MGMA and the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE).  For more information on Jamie Verkamp, please visit www.jamieverkamp.com



Rachel Granatino understands people. She has a curiosity for consumer behaviors, studying how people make decisions and what the intrinsic motivators are behind those buying decisions.  Her passion collides with the healthcare industry to drive her to design creative campaigns, promote strategic messages and assist in developing comprehensive plans to drive improvement within the market.

With a background in marketing and education, Granatino shares her expertise of advertising, promotion and social media in an inclusive message that relates specifically to the healthcare community. Having spoken for the Academy of Business Disciplines, worked with hundreds of healthcare staffers and leaders alike on numerous training sessions,  and been published in the Journal of Applied Business Research; she brings together a message filled with examples of success, best practices and strategic initiatives for practices to improve the patient experience, drive employee engagement and strengthen their comprehensive marketing strategies.

In her Director role at (e)Merge, Granatino can be found in hospitals, clinics and association meetings across the country, not only training on the patient experience and social media marketing, but also “doing-the-do” by assisting clients to develop their strategies and implement best practices to achieve their goals.  For more information on Rachel Granatino, please visit www.rachelgranatino.com

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