Word of Mouth Referrals: Healthcare’s Best Friend

Marketing a healthcare practice and continuing to share information regarding the physicians, technology and services is a vital piece of the strategy when it comes to increasing patient volumes. However, the main ingredient to success when it comes to business, especially healthcare, is word of mouth referral. While we know this to be true, I happen to notice this weekend how many times I gave my friends, family members and acquaintances referrals. Whether it be directing my family member to a women’s health group, telling a friend which nail salon she should try or leading an acquaintance to a particular car dealership. These types of referrals have a significant pull when it comes to compliance as consumers tend to trust their peers more than advertising.



According to businessweek.com, this is especially true for those in the 18-29 demographic. The importance of this demographic is immense as they truly are the “future of healthcare”. So, what can we do to increase levels of word of mouth referrals and increase our loyal patients? Providing a meaningful and memorable patient experience is the best way to keep your guests coming back and continuing to bring new patients along with them. Taking the time to get to know patients and their situations is one way to make people feel more comfortable during their time in your office. Also, more technical aspects such as providing timely lab results, creating an easy scheduling experience and making the practice available for answering patient questions can make patients feel respected and work to meet their needs as a patient.

If you are looking for proof that word of mouth marketing is king… try these stats!

Jun 2014
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