What Can Twitter Do For Your Practice?

When it comes to social media, practices are often first driven to Facebook as an entry point. Facebook is a great platform to begin with and can lead to a wide range of engagement in the form of question/answer, promotion and basic interaction with patients. However, if your practice is looking for a more wide scale online presence, involvement in Twitter can be essential. So, what can Twitter add to your practice’s reach? Let’s take a look.

Be Available For Patients: When it comes to consumers today, the overlying expectation is convenience. Consumers, especially the younger generations, want their questions answered quickly and needs met immediately. For this reason, Twitter provides a space where patients and medical practices can quickly and efficiently communicate when it comes to brief answers and timely needs.

Converse and Get to Know Other Professionals: While we certainly work to increase our patient volumes and attract consumers to our offices; healthcare is an industry of teamwork. We must all work together as professionals to drive the innovation of healthcare and promote growth in the field. Twitter provides a great space to do just this; communicate with others involved in social media (either as a practice or personally) to work together to build, enhance and innovate.

Provide Vetted Educational Information to Others: Twitter can be a great platform to inform others even outside of your patient community. This worldwide channel allows users to seek out information of interest to them specifically and interact with those around the world. Take this opportunity to establish YOUR practice as a leader and an expert.

These are just a few benefits available for healthcare practices on the Twitter platform. Creating an account is simple and merely consists of a few clicks. Several management resources, such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite, are available to users which can simplify the process of posting and monitoring. Take a chance and try it out… and as always, let us know if you have any questions! Good luck!

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