Watching As Healthcare Improves

So often, negative customer service experiences are the ones that remain most prevalent in our minds.  When we encounter positive interactions it can be refreshing and uplifting.  This recent holiday season I was exceptionally pleased with the healthcare interaction I witnessed.

Unfortunately, this Christmas, a family member was checked into the hospital and instructed to stay for quite some time.  Knowing I would not be able to see them as planned, I made the drive to the small, Midwest town where they reside.  The town’s hospital is notorious for poor patient satisfaction and incorrect diagnosis, so I am always apprehensive when dealing with this particular healthcare system.  Upon entering I found my family member upbeat and chatting with a handful of nurses in his room.  My presence was eventually noted and the staff members gathered their items to leave; each giving an introduction with a bright smile as they left.  It quickly became apparent that each of the nurses had formed a relationship with my family member, as he was able to tell me each of their names and about their families and hobbies.

As we sat and chatted with one another, a nurse entered the room and promptly apologized for interrupting our conversation.  She informed us that it was time to place meal orders for the following day as she handed the menu to me.  My family member has a history of health issues and is faced with a wide range of dietary restrictions; none that he chooses to follow if it is left up to him.  She must have been able to tell that I was uncertain of exactly what items he should be choosing, so she pulled up a chair and said, “Let’s see what we have here…”  For the next ten minutes, she sat with us explaining each of the choices she was making and why the particular food was right for his dietary needs.  We both looked like children back in school as we nodded along and listened to our lesson.

I left the hospital that day knowing that he was in good hands.  The nurses were continuously going out of their way to not only keep their patient healthy and on the road to recovery, but making his stay a pleasant one.  Seeing the exponential improvements this facility and its staff has undergone since my last visit was a refreshing experience and hopefully a movement that will continue throughout the healthcare community in this small rural town.

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