This One’s On Me…

Over the last few months, I have experienced something wonderful at two of our local Panera locations here in Kansas City. On occasion, if I end up near one of these locations, I will pop in mid-morning for a quick cup of coffee to go. Recently, when I have done so, I have been told after ordering, “This one is on me; enjoy!” from the employee behind the register.



While this seems like such a simple thing, each time I hear it, the statement brings a smile to my face. I have looked online several times to see if anyone else has written about an experience like this, but have yet to find anything. It makes you truly think about how simple it can be to not only impress a customer, but create a brand ambassador. I have told many people about these experiences and feel a connection with the Panera locations as a customer.

While in healthcare we can’t necessarily say, “This one is on me; enjoy!” we can find simple actions and interactions to delight our patients. Great customer service should be expected, but in today’s society, it actually is more of a surprise. Meaningful customer service is easily remembered by patients and can lead to additional referrals as these memories are recalled when friends and family ask for suggestions.

Think about what you can do in your organization to stand out and truly surprise your patients with great service and a memorable experience.

Jul 2014
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