Mobile Healthcare Apps Becoming Key Tool For Doctors and Patients: Guest Post from (e)Merge intern Katie Just

With social media, modern technology and the ability to connect with others in real-time taking over the lives of millions, everyone has been forced to adapt to keep up with the times and constant changes.

Millions of mobile apps are available to smartphone users, and while downloading your favorite games can be a good way to pass the time, there have actually been many apps developed to help make the lives of healthcare providers and their patients easier. With so many healthcare apps out there, how do you know you are making the right choice? The best way to know what you’re getting is to take a look at what professionals are already using and what they are recommending to their patients.


Top apps for health care professionals:

Medscape: This is an app from the creators of WebMD. Doctors can use this platform as a reference tool to check the dosing information, precautions, and possible side effects for many drugs. There is also treatment information available for over 4,000 diseases, along with the latest articles and medical news/journals.

Doximity: The goal behind this app is to create a professional social networking site for professionals. Within this app healthcare providers can find contact information for colleagues and other professionals, stay in contact with their own staff by sending out newsletters and memos internally. The application even allows you the ability to stay up to date with healthcare insurance changes.


Top apps for patients:

Pokitdok: This app allows patients to search and compare information about health services. It allows the patient to look at items such as pricing, location, history on the doctors/staff, and practice reviews.

Mango Health: The goal behind this app is to allow patients to monitor their use of medications. They can check what combinations of medicines could be hazardous to their health, set schedules for taking their medications; complete with an alarm to remind them, and the ability to track medical history for later use.


With millions of apps on the market, finding the right one can sometimes be the hardest part. As technology advances, developers work harder to meet the demands of their customers. Healthcare is becoming more mobile each day. The use of apps being used, by both professionals and patients, is becoming much more common and changing the pace of healthcare for everyone.


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